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SS Super Render Icons Set




You can down “SS Super Render Icons Set “free here:


New Free AIR Based Vertabase Timer Released

Vertabase Timer is a free utility to help you keep track of time spent on client projects. And the new version 1.5 is a Flex based AIR application (as described in this forum post).

Three ways to load image files in Flex

The following source code shows three ways that how to load an image file. (more…)

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ActionScript generics in Flash Player 10?

In the prerelease version of Flash Player 10 there is support for type-safe lists in the form of the new class Vector. The class is an example of a parameterized type, meaning that you can have a vector of strings, a vector of display objects or a vector of any other type you like. Parameterized types are called “genetics” in Java and “templates” in C++ and it’s a really nice feature to have. (more…)

ActionScript Generics,flash action script 3 generics

AIR runtime installer, error 2038

The Adobe AIR beta 1 runtime installer leaves a lot to be desired. Adobe continues the blantant disregard for standard folders and proceedures on the Mac that Macromedia had, and this leads to problems. I had to do quite a lot of tinkering to be able to install it at all. (more…)