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Recieve Affliate Payment via Payoneer

You can use Payoneer cad account to receive payment from now, just apply a CA account at the dashboard of the What is the “Routing Number / ABA Number” on the payment page? But there is no Routing Number / ABA Number on the Payoneer backend of you ca account.   A routing number for electronic payments contains …

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How to Change the WordPress Theme’s Featured Images Size (thumbnails)

Yes, I bought a new Premium WordPress theme for one of our site, the site using an old shcool theme, I want to get a new out look for the site, the traffic increase fast in this year, so I want to make it more attractive, then I bought a new theme on ThemeForest. The …

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How to Remove Google AMP in the URL, AMP url Got 404 Error

How to Remove Google AMP in the URL, AMP url Got 404 Error

Weeks ago, I want to try the Google’s AMP services, I installed AMP plugins AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages from, after several  days, I found my page views and earnings drop a lot, then I think there are may some problems with the AMP plugin. I disabled the amp plugin and found the traffic and …

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Gravity Forms Coupon Code: 50% OFF

Gravity Forms BLACKFRIDAY Discount: 50% off developers license upgrade. Use Gravity Forms coupon code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’. Offer expires 1 December, 2010. If you are going to buy Gravity Forms, which is a popular wordpress forms management plugin, why not use Gravity Forms Coupon Code to get 50% off now? I’ve been using Gravity Forms on some …

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How to Save Copy Download Instagram Images/Photos Easily [Bright!]

save copy download instagram images

Some of you may want to download the images and photos from Instagram, but if you use the common ways, you can’t download the images or may spend you a lot of time. I know there are a lot websites that provide many ways to copy/save the photos for the Instagram, but you need to copy …

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LNMP or Nginx Can’t Display the URL right in WordPress

If you using Nginx and wWordPress, and found that some of your pages can’t open or got 404 error or no right to manage the page, usually there are some problems with your site’s url. Please go: /usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost Edit your site’s conf. For example: I opened my site’s conf server { listen 80; #listen [::]:80; …


Click to View All Content .Js – Show More Content on Click

The resource of click to view more content. HTML code: <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <h2>This is free script from webenlance</h2> </div> <p class="comment"> Dr. Anil Kohli is an Endodontist, Dental Surgeon and Dentist in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and has an experience of 40 years in these fields. Dr. Anil Kohli practices at Duis nisl nibh, …