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Wishlist Member Discount Update:
From December 13-19th, Wishlist Member are doing a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promotion for their Single Site licenses.

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Wishlist Member Promo Code

You can buy the wordpress membership plugin wishlist member plugin now and the second site license just for $25, you save 74%.This is a limited time offer.So please take it when the price is low. Basically, anyone who purchases a Single Site license will be able to get a second license for just $25.That’s over 74% savings on the second license.

WP Wishlist Member Discount Code

  1. Wishlist Member Two License Promo:
    Single Site License $97 + Second Site License Only $25Click here to read more details…

    Until Wednesday, WishList Products (who created the famous WishList Member software) are giving anyone who purchases a Single Site license the chance to get a second license at a whopping 74% discount.Why not buy this wp membership plugin now when the price is LOW!? Limited Time!

    There is no valid wp wishlist member coupon code at present,we will update the discount code as soon as we get valid ones.Read More…

  2. (Update:)WordPress MemberShip Plugin – Wishlist Member Promotion: Get “Rockstar Business” FREE From Co-Founder of WooThemes
    WishList Products will be teaming up with Adii Pienaar from WooThemes to include a FREE copy of Adii’s brand new book “Rockstar Business”
    with any purchase of WishList Member made during July 27th – August 27th, 2010.

You may have know how powerful this cool wordpress plugin now,if not, you can read this short wishlist member plugin review:

WordPress Wishlist member plugin review

WishList-Member-coupon-codeThis cool wp membership plugin  is a must for anyone who uses a blog with WordPress and needs a membership, It has quite a large price (for my standards) and that was what made me hesitant at first. But I had heard good things about the program so I decided to give it a try. I was charmed by it’s work.

With this premium wordpress plugin, I was able to create multiples levels of memberships for my blog. With this I was finally able to monetize my blog by creating premium memberships. With this ability to charge the memberships, I was able to make more money than the program cost.

If you need any help they have a good responsive support team to work with. From my side I am giving them A and I think they deserve it. Right now I am using it for one site by 97$ and thinking to buy the unlimited license.

If you have a blog with a lot of traffic, you will never regret buying this program, and I must say that the customer support was surprisingly effective and careful. They always answered my questions with many details and that is why I recommend this product.

Buy Wishlist Member now!

* WordPress Membership Plugin:Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is a software program created by internet marketer and developer Stu McLaren that works with the popular blogging platform WordPress to help people create their own membership sites. This program uploads as a script to your WordPress blog plugins folder and allows you to build and customize a membership site according to your own particular needs.

Store WordPress Uploaded Images With Different Hostnames 

Browse your WordPress based website with a lot images faster~!


Parallelize image downloads across hostnames

Parallelize allows automatically parallelizing resources across multiple hostnames, speeding page load.

While browsers can handle up to 60 http requests simultaneously, only 2-4 simultaneous requests can be handled from the same hostname. This can potentially slow down page loads on your site.

The solution Recommended by Google is parallizing resources across 2-5 hostnames on sites serving 10 or more static resources.

Parallelize allows automatically parallelizing WordPress attachement files (images or any files uploaded with the wordpress media features) across multiple hostnames, speeding page load. To assist caching, resources will always load from the same hostname.

This plugin is distributed as-is, no warranty whatsoever.

You can download this cool WordPress plugin here.

30 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2015

More and more people using smartphones these days, a lot people using smartphones visiting websites instead of the desktop PCs. We have more than 60% of our visitors are coming from high-end smartphones, so it is very important to use responsive layouts for your sites.

If you’re looking for free responsive WordPress themes, you’re at the right place, we have collecetged the latest new free wordpress themes here, meaning you can download, install and activate them and quickly and easily meet the needs of your mobile users.

Free Responsive WordPress Theme: Luminus



Luminus is a retina-ready and simple theme that is ideal for a portfolio site.

It features extensive theme options so you can customize it to suit your needs and also comes with three page templates and a drag and drop builder. Continue reading “30 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2015”

Solution: WordPress Can’t Update – Can’t Copy Files

Some of you may got the WordPress update errors, just like “failed to open stream: Permission denied in” “Could not copy files”, The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions. Installation Failed. etc.

Wordpress Update Error Can't Copy Files
WordPress Update Error Can’t Copy Files

Usually, you can set the file permission to 644, if this can’t solve your problem, please do the following:

login via SSH,

using the command:

chown -R www *

Please change the ownership of your wordpress site’s file, for example,

your wordpress script is under /home/www/yoursitefolder

you can do this:

chown -R www * /home/www/yoursitefolder

then you can update your WordPress script successfully!


Useful SEO Plugin: Add “nofollow” to All Your External Links

When you credit others materials links, you may want to add “nofollow” to the external links, you can do this manually, but if there are 100 links in one page, and you want to add the `rel=nofollow` and `target=_blank` to all your external links in older posts, how can you handle this?

Here is the solution!

WordPress SEO Plugin: “Nofollow for external link”

WordPress seo plugin

WordPress seo plugin

This cool plugin will automatically inserts `rel=nofollow` and `target=_blank` to all the external links into your website posts or pages.

Just simple, if you use this plugins, rel=nofollow and target=_blank will be insert automatically, for all the external links of your website posts or pages.


  • Add rel=nofollow for all the external link of your blog/website posts/pages.
  • Add target=_blank for all the external link of your blog/website posts/pages.
  • This plugins will not add rel=nofollow and target=_blank any of the internal link of your blog/website posts/pages.
  • If you already added rel=dofollow to any post manually, this plugins will not add rel=nofollow for that post.
  • If you already added target=_blank to any post manually, this plugins will not add target=_blank for that post.

Download it here.

WordPress: How to Fix the Problem with Image Captions after 3.7 Upgrade

If you have upgraded to the latest WordPress v3.7, you may meet the image caption problem in the visual editor, this  is a particularly nasty bug that affects working with image captions in the visual editor. It was caused by a regression in Uglify.js.

Problem with WordPress Image Caption
Problem with WordPress v3.7 Image Caption

New captioned image inserted into the Visual Editor produces a huge data-mce-style width (10000px+) moving the inserted image out of the editor viewable area.

The problem will be fixed in the next version V3.7.1, If you don’t want to wait for the auto-update, you can download the following  tinymce folder, unzip it and replace your old tinymce folder.

I have tested it and it worked.


Download the tinymce

don’t forget to refresh the browser cache.

New Beautiful Photo WordPress Theme for Photo Sites – Full Frame

The Full Frame is a brand new premium WordPress theme which is perfect for photography/portfolio related websites, no matter you’re a photographer or a just a photo lover, you can try this for your photo portfolio blog!

Full Frame photo wordpress theme
Full Frame photo wordpress theme

Full Frame is a post-format-loving WordPress theme for showcasing images, galleries and videos. Tell stories and present your work in a unique way.


Full Frame adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices.


Preview your theme customization changes instantly on the page before saving. Change colors, fonts, logos, header images and add custom CSS.


The featured image of each post becomes that post’s background image on home and archive pages. You can optionally add a custom header image, logo, and site description to create a custom header area that will sit above the navigation menu on all pages.

Continue reading “New Beautiful Photo WordPress Theme for Photo Sites – Full Frame”