10+ Free Cute Kids Blogger Templates

Girls Fantasy Land – Blogsopt Template XML
2 Columns, Brown, Fixed Width, Left Sidebar, White Blogsopt Template
If you need a cute and girly Blogger template to blog your wonderful memories, then Girls Fantasy Land is the Blogger template for you! Cloud converted this WordPress theme into Blogger template, credits to the original designer EZWpthemes.com!
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Night Whimsy – Blogger Template
Demo | Download

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How To Change Left Sidebar To Right Sidebar In Blogger

The blogspot is a world wide use blog platform, a lot blogger write blogs on blogspot. There are a lot beautiful free blogger templates to use if you do not like the default themes. But the blogger default themes are also great, most of my blogspots are not change the default themes, sometimes you need to change the sidebar, say, want to move the blogger side bar to right. (most of the blogger default themes are designed right sidebar)Here are the steps:

Change Left Sidebar To Right Sidebar In Blogger

  1. Click the Layout
  2. Click the Edit HTML
  3. Find the ” Outer-Wrapper ” in the html codes
  4. Exchange the #main-wrapper and #sidebar-wrapper CSS float attribute:
    The #main-wrapper CSS float attribute is float: $startSide;
    The #sidebar-wrapper CSS float attribute is float: $endSide;
    just exchange thier
    CSS float attributes.
    After you have changed thier CSS float attributes, it would be like this:
    The #main-wrapper CSS float attribute is float: $endSide;
    The #sidebar-wrapper CSS float attribute is float: $startSide;
  5. Then click Save Templates

OK, Click view blog, you can see you have change the sidebar from right to left!

3 Awesome Cool Free Blogger Magazine Style Templates

blogger logo
Introduce you 3 pretty professional magazine style theme for blogger (blogspot), you can use these blogger magazine templates free!
These three blogger magazine layouts are coming from bloggertricks.com, who have present a lot very beautiful blogger themes. Here are 3 blogspot magazine style templates for all of you. Continue reading “3 Awesome Cool Free Blogger Magazine Style Templates”

How to post related post on Blogger

related post bloggerThis is a very cool widget for blogspot.This widget can show your related post from your blog.This is linkwithin
Show Related Stories Under Each Story!LinkWithin is a widget that links to related stories from your archive under each story on your blog.
This widget retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them.The widget links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular story, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic. Continue reading “How to post related post on Blogger”

How to Move wordpress blogs to blogger.com (blogspot)

wp2bIt’s easy to move blogger to wordpress, just 2 clicks, while it’s hard for most of us who want to import wordpress posts to blogger.But today I will intrduce you a cool tool which can help you move your wordpress blogs to blogspot. That is WordPress2Blogger(which is hosted on App Engine). Continue reading “How to Move wordpress blogs to blogger.com (blogspot)”

How to post via Email to Blogger.com?

In some countries and institutions , some websites are blocked, just like youtube,blospot,myspace,hi5,facebook etc. If you are a blogger, and the blog has been blocked when you are in other area, how can you update your blog? If you use blogspot, there is any easy way to update your blog: just send an email to your blog?that’s it.How? Here are steps on how to post via email to your blog. Continue reading “How to post via Email to Blogger.com?”