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Best CSS Button Generators – No CSS Button Tutorials Needed

Usually, the designers use images to search, form submit buttons, with the developing of the CSS 3, for some basic buttons, there is no need to use images, the CSS can do the work.

Here are top 3 CSS Button Generators, which are really easy to use:

3. CSS3 Button Generator –

css3 button generater

css3 button generater

2. Button Maker –

button maker

button maker

1. CSS Button Generator –

css button generater

css button generater

I love the CSS Button Generator best. CSS Button Generator will create beautiful css buttons for you to use on your web pages without the need for any images. When you have styled your button to your liking, simply click on the generated button to get your css style code. And there are a lot schemes ready.

If you want to style the image buttons, here are some great css button tutorials for you.

PremiumPress Themes August Coupon Code

Great new for all, anyone who buy premium WordPress themes in Auguest will get 30% – 40% off! Limited time off, if you are going to buy their themes, take your time.

The founder of MARK FAIL just sent us some limited time PremiumPress Themes Coupon Code for readers, here are the details:

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WPZoom Review – Read The Review Before Buy WPZoom Themes

A review of WordPress themes

If we are really honest, up until about 2 years ago we had not heard of WPZoom, but such is the quality of the themes that they provide, we felt that we had to write a WPZoom review to go on this site. In no way are the perfect – but then again, how many sites really are? – but they do offer a huge amount to those looking for WordPress themes, especially if your need a theme for a professional looking site. So, this WPZoom review aims to highlight the different aspects of this site that might interest you when you are looking to start another WordPress site… Read the review from

wpzoom review

wpzoom review

WPZoom Review: WPZoom Selection

In total, there are 48 different themes currently for sale on the WPZoom website, although they are known for regularly releasing new and exciting themes as well, meaning that you should check back every so often just to see if something new catches your eye. When you look through the selection you will see that there is a massive variety of different styles of themes, ranging from the photo blogging theme of “PhotoBlog” through to the magazine style theme of “CadabraPress”. There are also a number of themes for specific niches, such as “Academia” for the non-profit sector and “Hotelia” for, unsurprisingly, those in the hotel business.

WPZoom Review: WPZoom Features

One of the most impressive aspects of WPZoom that this WPZoom review has picked up on is the fact that each theme comes loaded with a huge amount of features. This includes the more commonplace ones, such as theme-related widgets and blog software, but also includes some less common ones too, like the ones described below.

• A whole host of SEO options – such as keyword tracking and meta-data – built into every theme that they produce.
• Professional code, therefore meaning that it is easy for people looking to customize to understand.
• The WPZoom Option Panel is included with all themes, and this panel allows the user to customize huge swathes of the site in one click, without needing any knowledge of coding.

WPZoom Review: WPZoom Support

Thanks to the number of customization themes that this company provides, it is very unlikely that you will ever need to contact them to find out how to complete a specific action. If you do find yourself needing too though, then you can email them through the contact form on their website, or jump into their support forum to see if one of the other members can answer your question. Alternatively, you could just flick through the comprehensive FAQ section, where you will find answers to the most common problems.

WPZoom Review:  WPZoom Pricing

The pricing of the themes on the WPZoom site are generally average for the industry, with one single theme costing the buyer $69, with no recurring fees. If you are a developer though, you will have to pay more than double this – $149 – to receive the extra PSD files that they will supply.

If you have the need for a significant number of themes from the site, then there is a membership scheme in place that costs $9 per month, and which gives you access to all of the themes to use on an unlimited number of different domains. There is, however, a $199 sign-up fee for this membership, which this WPZoom review thinks is slightly on the expensive side, considering they only offer 48 themes at the moment.

WPZoom Review:  WPZoom Conclusion

To conclude, WPZoom offers some very nice themes and a number of features that make them both easy to use and easy to customize. We would certainly recommend them if you are new to WordPress and are looking for themes that can be set-up easily and maintained without any technical issues.
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Load Javascript Last – Load JavaScript After Pageload Make Site Faster

Tips on how to load Javascript (advertisement) last after your page loaded, this can help you load your site faster especially you have a lot out site JavaScript.

The most common reason that websites don’t rank good in popular web sites is slower loading time. Often excessive JavaScript on your page is the main reason for this. The page has either too much of JavaScript code or it refers to a lot of third party JavaScript files from different servers (like advertisement server or any other third party widgets you are using). For example: most of the site has the facebook like button, on May 31st, 2012, the was down and made a lot sites loaded slowly. And you may noticed that the facebook changed some of their codes, no matter their site is on or down, the facebook like button will be loaded last, which can help you make your site run faster, however, some other sites don’t use this method, just like twitter and other advertisement sites.

OK, here is an easy way which can help you load the JavaScript last and make your site run fast, these code will load your javascript after your page load.

1. Use the following code to replace your old javescript (advertisement js )

<div id="myads">Loading...</div>

2. Then copy and paste the following code to your footer of your site, before the tag.

<div id="span_myads">Your javascript code here</div> 
<script type="text/javascript"> 
document.getElementById("myads").innerHTML = document.getElementById("span_myads").innerHTML; 
document.getElementById("span_myads").innerHTML = ""; 

Done! Pretty easy right?

* note: if you have more than 1 js, please change the div ID.

Fantastic Search Forms Styling!

Here are some great styled search forms in html5, if you are looking for the CSS code for your project, here are some really cool search forms for you to choose from, just grab the code and use it on your sites.

Basic html code:

    <input type="search" placeholder="What are you looking for?">                
Search Forms
Small Brown Search – by Fabian Pecher
Search Forms
All the way Round – by Amol Mandhane
Search Forms
Natureful Search Form – by Jordan Foreman
Search Forms
Glowing Pulse – by Jack Rugile
Search Forms
SpaceCat – by John Jack
Search Forms
Blur – by Josh Allen
Search Forms
Blue Search – by Ernesto Camacho

Here are more search forms for you to choose from.