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I’m happy to tell that ithemes give us a new coupon code for their most popular WordPress backup plugin: backup buddy.

The backup buddy is the best backup plugin for WordPress, this plugin making backup easier, just some clicks, you can backup all you data, not only the database, but also the plugins you installed, the theme you use, the files you uploaded. And it is easy to restore your sites easily! Even you can migrate your sites easily!

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And here is a guide for the backup buddy.


StudioPress Streamline 2.0 Theme Downloadable

This is a great news for studiopress Streamline WordPress Theme users, you can download a brand new theme now for FREE, because studiopress changed the Streamline theme layout completely. They released a modern WordPress theme today, yes, the Streamline!A modern sleek clean CMS like WordPress theme!

Modern Sleek wordpress theme
Modern Sleek wordpress theme

Download / Demo

This new 2012 WordPress theme works on the Studiopress Genesis Frameworkand this cool WordPress theme can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum, also this new version can be download by the users who bought this layout before, the updated version will be sent out to the email address you used to purchase.

The Studiopress Streamline WordPresstheme is the fourth layout released at StudioPress which has been developed to be mobile responsive. The first three mobile responsive WordPress themes built with mobile responsive webdesign are eleven40 theme, Balance WordPress theme and Generate theme. If your site has a lot mobile readers, it’s time to get a cool PC, mobile responsive theme at one time without extra fees.

What’s new in this Streamline 2.0 theme? The new version of this layout underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path. If you’re happy with your site built on a previous version of the theme, there’s no need to update.If yo love this new design, you can download it from your email studiopress will send the new theme to you who have purchased this theme! A redesigned of this theme, that means you get a new premium WordPress theme for FREE!

The Streamline WordPress child theme includes the following features: 3 layout options, custom header, custom menus, custom background, 3 color styles (blue, green, orange), fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options,featured images, threaded comments.

At first glance, this is officially my favorite theme from StudioPress! It’s got all of the elements I look for…with the exception of two that are missing (Landing Page & Portfolio Page). Everything else is tight, has social signals, has direct response, good typography. Really, really well executed.


StudioPress Streamline 2.0 Theme + Genesis Framework = $79.95
StudioPress Genesis Streamline 2.0 Theme = $24.95
Studiopress All theme pro plus package: $349.95

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ThemeShift Review – A Review of

ThemeShift Review: Read the review before you buy Themeshift WordPress Themes

ThemeShift are relatively new to the world of WordPress themes, but already they have made large inroads when it comes to gathering a loyal customer base, mainly thanks to their fairly priced and professional looking themes. This ThemeShift review is going to look at the good – and not so good – aspects of this site and help you to determine whether you want to head over there are download one or more of their themes for yourself!

themeshift review
themeshift review

Download ThemeShift Themes

ThemeShift Selection

To say that the selection of themes on ThemeShift is small would be an understatement; in fact, there are only 15 currently available to purchase on this site. Of these themes, the selection is split evenly over themes for business, portfolios and blogging, and although the selection is small, the themes are of a very high quality. This means that you should certainly take a few minutes to look over what they offer, as if you do find a theme that you like, you can be guaranteed that it will both look good and be incredibly intuitive to use.

ThemeShift Features

As already mentioned, the quality of each of the themes on his site is fantastic, and this really shines through both in the front and back-ends. They all have the standard features of any good WordPress theme – such as the option for a slider and the integration of a blog – but there are some more important features that this ThemeShift review has unearthed as well, which are detailed below…

  • The code on all of the themes is extremely clean, which is incredibly important if you are looking to customize the theme in any way. In fact, it is so well-structured that even those with only a tiny knowledge of code should be able to make basic changes without any hassle!
  • Every single theme has a comprehensive set of different options within the dashboard, which complement – and often improve upon – the options that WordPress already supply.
  • Each theme has its own set of custom widgets, which are designed to complement the way that the theme both looks and feels. There are also a huge amount of different areas in which the widgets can be used, to ensure the maximum amount of customization possible.
  • Most themes support videos being embedded either into the page, or onto the slider.

ThemeShift Support

¿Tienes un problema? Hast du ein problem? Either way, it’s no problem, as the support for ThemeShift customers is not only available in English, but in Spanish and German as well! This support can be accessed after you have purchased a theme by going into the member area, which has comprehensive tutorials and FAQ sections, as well as a support forum for all of your questions as well. If you have questions pre-purchase, you can contact them via email, using the link on their site. If we had to pick the most impressive aspect of this site from this ThemeShift review, then the support they offer would be it!

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OrganicThemes Review – Review of

Organic Themes Review: Review of the WordPress Themes

Although they only offer a small selection of WordPress themes, what OrganicThemes do very well is ensure that the themes they produce are of the highest quality possible – which is probably the reason why their site isn’t flooded with new themes every single week. This OrganicThemes review is going to look at the different facets of the themes provided by this site, and therefore help you to come to a decision regarding whether they are the right site for you to buy from. So, let’s jump straight in!
OrganicThemes Review

OrganicThemes Selection

When it comes to the amount of different themes that OrganicThemes have for you to choose from, there are actually only 16 on the whole site. This is obviously an incredibly small amount, even by the standards of a small website, so you might not always be able to find what you are looking for here. On the upside though, this lack of themes is a clear indication that they only pick the best ones for their site, which means that the selection they have is of a very high quality, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of the functionality of the back end. They brand themselves as having themes for “artists, bloggers and business owners”, but this OrganicThemes review thinks that they are really suitable for anyone looking for a crisp and often minimal design.

OrganicThemes Features

There are a number of different features that you will find attached to all of the themes that this website produces. Some of these are:


  • All themes are designed to work across all of the major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • The themes from this site are all completely compatible with mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and all other smart phones.
  • Thanks to the clean and professional coding of each theme, they are all easy to customize, providing you have the necessary knowledge of code to do so.
  • All of the themes are given regular updates, which allow the themes to use the latest advances within WordPress to their full capability.

OrganicThemes Support

Those of you who have used WordPress themes before will know that occasionally aspects of a specific theme come up that completely stump you, leaving you with no choice but to contact the company to ask them how to complete a certain action. Luckily, the support provided at OrganicThemes is generally very good, with options to email them with specific queries, or to go onto the forum page, where you will find answers to all of the most common questions. The only problem with the forum is that it is extremely busy, with a huge number of different questions and answers – therefore meaning that it might take you quite a while to find what you are looking for!

OrganicThemes Pricing

You might think that a smaller site such as OrganicThemes has to raise their prices in order to make a decent turnover, but the reality is that they are a site offering themes at about the average price. This means that this OrganicThemes review has failed to find any themes by them costing more than $69, which is a good price considering how nice these themes are. One slight problem that we do have though is the price that they charge for the Developer’s Pack, which gives access to all 16 of the themes. At $249, we think that this is very expensive – especially considering the fact that other sites with hundreds of themes offer the same deal for around the same price!

OrganicThemes Conclusion

If you take one thing from this OrganicThemes review, it should be that the themes here are of excellent quality – if you can find one from the small selection that suits your purposes. The prices are good and the support is more than acceptable, and the back-end of each of the themes is a pleasure to use.

You can download organic themes here.

Clean WordPress Blog Theme: StudioPress eleven40 Theme

Studiopress released a new mobile responsive WordPress theme recently, just as usual, the eleven40 theme includes the following features:featured images, footer widgets, 6 layout options, 4 theme colors (blue, green, orange, red), custom background, mobile responsive design and threaded comments. If you are looking for a simple clean easy to use blog WordPress theme, the StudioPress eleven40 Theme is for you.

Here is a screenshot of this clean blogging WordPress theme
StudioPress eleven40 Theme
Demo / Download StudioPress eleven40 Theme
This clean WordPress blog theme works on the Genesis Framework and can be downloaded by Studiopress Pro Plus members in the support forum. All others can download the package here.

Spreading across the screen in six content layouts, eleven40 opens up all the space you’ll need to show off the best of your work. It’s the widest theme we’ve built, focusing on expansiveness and plenty of breathing room for your content. And just as fast, eleven40 will detect mobile users for you, and size down accordingly.

Some features in this theme: 4 color styles, 6 layout options,featured images, footer widgets, mobile responsive, threaded comments, custom background, custom header.

Demo / Download

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2012 Magazine WordPress Theme from CloverThemes: News Theme

If you are looking for an easy to use, advertisement ready magazine WordPress news theme, here is a new 2012 WordPress magazine theme from cloverthemes, you may love it. This is a great magazine style WordPress theme for content rich websites.

Magazine WordPress Theme 2012: CloverThemes News Theme

WordPress magazine theme 2012
A classic simple clean Adsense ready WordPress theme

NewsTheme is a 3 columns fixed width News Magazine WordPress theme. This cool magazine WordPress theme comes with featured post feature where you can have featured one of your post to display on front page, and all the sticky posts will display in slider, a great magazine style website do really need cool jQuery slider! Besides that, you can list your latest news on the front page and 2 featured categories. You can set one featured image for each post, if not, the theme will not display the featured image. NewsTheme also comes ready with adsense (advertisement ready), widget ready sidebars and many more.
You can manage your ads without touching the code.

Theme Features:

  • 3 Columns Fixed Width
  • Featured Post Display
  • Featured Headline News
  • Support featured image
  • jQuery slider
  • Drop down menus
  • Adsense Ready
  • Banner Advertisement Ready (Copy & Paste Code)
  • Image gallery ready
  • Threaded Comments
  • Tested On Firefox And IE7
  • Search engine optimised
  • Compatible With WordPress Version 3.0 +
  • Valid XHTML And CSS

Price: $69.95

Demo / Download

iThemes Review: A Review of

Editor’s rating: 9.1/10
Read the review before you buy themes & plugins, grab the ithemes coupon code to save.

ithemes review - A review of ithemes

Download iThemes WordPress Themes and Plugins
iThemes certainly aren’t one of the largest WordPress theme providers around, but one look at their website will show you that they are both passionate about the themes they produce, as well as highly skilled in the area too. As well as the many WordPress themes that they offer, they also have a number of innovative products to buy, which this iThemes review will go into in more detail later. One thing that we are sure of though is that through the course of this iThemes review, you will come to understand how great the products and services are that this site offered, and that you will head there right away to see exactly what all of the fuss is about! So, enough of the chatter; let’s get on with this iThemes review!

iThemes Selection

At first glance, you might not think that the iThemes site has a huge number of WordPress themes, as when you look there are only actually 40 advertised. This is misleading though, as the main product sold on this site is the iThemes builder, which basically allows you to construct your own personal WordPress site using the tools that they provide you with. When you take this into account, it means that there are literally thousands of different options for you to choose from! On top of the premade themes and the Builder tool, they also offer a great service called BackupBuddy which, as the name suggests, allows you to completely backup your WordPress site in case the worst happens and you manage to lose it. When all of the different facets of their business are combined, it is clear to see that the selection offered by iThemes is huge!

iThemes Features

You will probably notice that this iThemes review thinks very highly of this site, and this is partly due to the fact that they offer so many different features. Regular readers will know that at this point in the article, we usually list some of the features that every WordPress template the site offers has, but in the iThemes review we thought it better to list the features of the main product sold here, which is the iThemes Builder. So, read on to find out what features this hugely innovative and useful tool has…

  • Build the layout of your WordPress site to suit your exact needs and specifications.
  • Use the child themes available on the iThemes site as the foundation of your WordPress site, or build one from scratch.
  • Personalise the different widgets and images to suit your own needs.
  • Modify the HTML code, although if you don’t have experience in this, don’t worry – there are ways to modify the site far more easily.
  • Tweak the CSS without any technical knowledge.
  • One year of support and updates from the site (see below for more info).

iThemes Support

iThemes provides fantastic support for anyone purchasing WordPress related products from them, whether this is an actual theme, the Builder tool or the back-up service. This support comes in the form of both emails and phone support, but they also have a comprehensive FAQ section that should help with the more common problems experienced. On top of all these, there is also a tutorial section that will walk you step by step through some of the problems you could experience.

iThemes Pricing

Due to the number of different services that the site offers, there are a number of different prices to consider. The prices for the most common purchases though are:

  • Individual theme – $57 to $80.
  • Builder – $80 to $387, although this iThemes review thinks that the $197 Developer pack offers the best value.
  • BackupBuddy – $75 for 2 sites; $100 for 10 sites; $150 for unlimited sites.

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PluginBuddy Coupon Code: 44% Off PluginBuddy Discount Code

Save with the latest Coupon Code. You can get the latest new PluginBuddy Coupon Code here. Just grab the following PluginBuddy discount code to save.

PluginBuddy Coupon Code 2012: Save 44% on All Products Through January

To say thanks for 4 amazing years, save 44% on everything at iThemes and, plus all membership levels at with the latest new coupon code from now through January 31, 2012.

This new discount coupon code valid on all products on, and, that means you can buy ithemes premium wordpress themes, builder themes, backupbuddy, and other cool stuff now, you can get 44% off.

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Elegant Themes Review

Editor’s rating: 8.6/10

A Review of

Just $39 you can get more than 70 professional premium WordPress themes, and future themes in one year!

Elegant Themes review
Elegant Themes review

Click Here to Download all WordPress Themes

Before we start this Elegant Themes review, we should warn you – we absolutely love Elegant Themes so it is going to be any extremely positive review indeed. In fact, we have used Elegant Themes ourselves before, and have found them to be incredibly good, as well as helpful in their support. This isn’t blind love though, as we can list a number of reasons why we like this site so much, so we hope that the following Elegant Themes review will persuade you that they are more than worth visiting for all of your WordPress theme needs…

Elegant Themes Selection

Elegant Themes offers 72 different themes for visitors to the site to choose from, which is a lot considering the site is primarily run by a single person! These themes range from simple blogs through to more complex themes designed for businesses and ecommerce sites. What you will find though is that none of the themes are industry specific, meaning that generally they can be adapted to whatever use you want them to have. Some of the themes are often slightly similar to one another, but this is the exception rather than the norm.

Elegant Themes Features

There really isn’t enough room in this Elegant Themes review to list all of the fantastic features provided by this site, but what we have done is listed the main features that you can find in most of the themes below:

  • Each theme has a number of different settings that you an easily use to change the color, the layout and the features that your site has.
  • All of the themes that this Elegant Themes review could find came with integrated advert management, making them perfect for those looking to make some extra income from AdSense or similar services.
  • The ePanel provided allows you access to many different search engine optimization techniques, which you can use to increase the visibility of your site in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • All themes can easily have Google Analytics integrated within them, without having to add the tracking code to the footer.php file.

Elegant Themes Support

Elegant Themes offers four different ways to get support for any of the problems that you might experience when playing around or installing your newly bought theme. These are a forum – a place where all customers can get together and provide hints, tips and solutions to each other – and a comprehensive FAQ section, as well as a section on trouble shooting and finally the option to contact the site, which is done through a basic contact form on the site. It is encouraged that members use the support forum for their questions though, as the contact form is only really for those with pre-purchase enquiries.

Elegant Themes Pricing

One strange aspect of this site is that you can’t actually buy individual themes; instead, you have to sign up to a yearly membership at a cost of $39 per annum. When you consider this though, the offer is not a bad one, as you get as many WordPress themes as the site has – plus all new releases – for less than you would pay for one theme from most other sites! Even if you terminate your membership after one year, you will still keep the themes that you downloaded.
There are more than 70 themes for you to download, that means just $39, you can get all premium wordpress themes on the site, and you can download the new theme they released in this year for FREE.

Elegant Themes Conclusion

If you read the first paragraph of this Elegant Themes review, you will already know that we love this site. It has stylish yet functional designs, great pricing and support that put the larger sites to shame. We urge you to head there next time you want a WordPress theme for your new site!

Download all WordPress Themes here

Download the Elegant Themes Review in pdf version

Pagelines Free WordPress Themes Download

Free Pagelines WordPress Themes

Here are some free pagelines wordpress themes for you to download. Here are 5 free wordpress themes from, enjoy.

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Eco

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Eco
Eco is a free professional WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. Designed and developed by PageLines.

Demo / Download

Free PageLines WordPress Theme: iBlog

iBlog is a professional yet free WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. It has thumbs, widget, options, localization and more! Designed and developed by PageLines.
Free PageLines WordPress Theme: iBlog
Demo / Download

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: WhiteHouse

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: WhiteHouse
WhiteHouse is a professional yet free WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. It has thumbs, widget, options, localization and more! Designed and developed by PageLines.
Demo / Download

Station Free WordPress Theme from Pagelines

Station Free WordPress Theme from Pagelines
** Supports 3.0 Menus ** Station is a professional yet free WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. It has thumbs, widget, options, localization and more! Designed and developed by PageLines.

Demo / Download

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Platform

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Platform
Platform is an drag-and-drop theme-design framework for WordPress and HTML5. It will help you do amazing things with your site, faster & easier than ever before. Designed and developed by PageLines in California.
Demo / Download

If you want to buy pagelines premium wordpress theme framework, you can read the pagelines review first.