BackupBuddy Review: The Best WordPress Backup Plugin Ever!

BackupBuddy is a tool offered on the popular PluginBuddy website, and is a great investment for anyone who seriously wants to protect their WordPress site by backing it up to one of a number of options. It has been around for a few years now and has gained a large following among WordPress impresarios, so perhaps it is about time you thought about protecting your site from any of the misfortunes that could fall on it? Take a read through this BackupBuddy review to see why we like this handy tool so much…

What Exactly is BackupBuddy?

Best wordpress backup plugin: backupbuddy
Do you run a WordPress website that you’ve spent years nurturing and turning into a profitable enterprise? Now imagine that something happens, such as the site is hacked or there is a problem with the server it is stored on. Normally you would have to rebuild your site from the bottom up – a process which could take weeks or even months – but with BackupBuddy you can simply use the version that you have saved to have your site up and running again in a matter of hours.

BackupBuddy Features

There are three basic features to BackupBuddy, and these are:

  • Backup. Use this to backup the entire WordPress install on your site, including any plugins, widgets and the SQL database. You can even schedule the plugin to automatically backup your website so that you don’t have to manually complete the task every time – and also just in case you forget!
  • Restore. If you do need to restore your site, the process is unbelievably simple. All you do is upload the importbuddy.php script and your backup file, and everything will be back just the way you left it! This simplicity is certainly the part that impresses this BackupBuddy review the most!
  • Migrate. This plugin is able to easily migrate a site to another server or domain, therefore taking away the headache that this task can often bring with it.

BackupBuddy Support

The support for BackupBuddy – which is provided by PluginBuddy – is very good, as they surely realise that they are being entrusted with the future of your site in many cases. The main place that you will find yourself heading to with any queries is the support forum, where members post their questions and wait for one of the staff members to get back to them. There is also the option to contact them directly with any queries, although this BackupBuddy review found that the forum was both quicker and more detailed in its responses.

BackupBuddy Pricing

There are three tiers to the pricing for BackupBuddy and these tiers are basically ordered by the amount of sites that you can use this tool on. The cheapest of these comes in at $75 and allows two different sites to be backed up, the next costs $100 and has the capacity to support 10 sites and the final gives the customer the option to backup as many sites as they want, and costs $150. There is no way which of these this BackupBuddy review can recommend for you personally, as only you know how many sites you need to protect. And you can use the backupbuddy coupon codes to save.

BackupBuddy Conclusion

In conclusion, BackupBuddy is a great tool for those who have WordPress sites that they rely on for income, as it will ensure that business continuity can be maintained in the event of the site going wrong in some way. We probably wouldn’t recommend it for those using WordPress simply for their own personal blogging needs though – unless the blog that you run happens to be one of the more successful ones online!

I have purchased the backupbuddy unlimited sites license, I have published a post on how to use backupbuddy here.

Templatic WordPress Themes Review

A review of Templatic WordPress Themes

Read the review of before you buy templatic premium WordPress themes.
Templatic supplies WordPress users with a variety of practical, pretty and professional themes that can help promote businesses, causes or share information. The collection covers a number of themes that include portfolios, CMS, magazines, multimedia, ecommerce and free themes. The sleek website design lets users quickly find the gallery and view a demo of each theme, theme details and the published date so the user can gather more information before settling on a specific design. Visitors can browse through three pages of themes, including a handful marked with a red “Free” flag for users on a tight budget.

Templatic Offers Practical Designs for WordPress

A good WordPress design is one that marries functionality and appearance in a way that is seamless and beautiful. Templatic’s themes manage to meet this requirement by offering users a variety of designs that can perform many tasks. For example, visitors will find themes like the WPLocator, which incorporates a full-width map. This original design deviates away from the standard website or ecommerce designs that are so popular among other WordPress theme sites. WPLocator includes street view and map type integration and allows the site owner to highlight specific destinations directly on the map. This is an excellent example of effective design that makes its function a part of the design rather than an afterthought.

The Templatic magazine designs proudly display the user’s publication name at the top with a list of homepage featured articles, images and other content. The user can entice new subscribers and return visitors by showcasing timely, relevant topics and issues. The user supplies the content and Templatic’s theme supplies the platform that frames it for maximum visitor appeal. Users can also try a theme from the free collection, which includes nine themes (one still listed as coming soon).

Templatic incorporates many color schemes and styles, truly offering something for everyone. Dark styles include trendy colors like purple and blue that forms a dramatic contrast to captivate the visitor. Others set a more professional, low key mood with subtle colors and organized content. Users can promote any kind of business or organization with the many Templatic themes that are currently available. The list continues to grow, but currently includes a gorgeous selection of original choices.

Investing in a Templatic WordPress Theme

Templatic offers users a standard and developer license option when purchasing a WordPress theme. The standard package includes a license for a single domain, tech support, one year of product updates, access to a member area and a detailed installation guide. The developer package includes a license for use on multiple domains and access to a design source file. Templatic utilizes 2Checkout for all theme purchases. The user can continue utilizing their WordPress theme after their Templatic membership has expired.

Templatic provides a premium club package as well. Users can purchase a club subscription for around $300 plus $15 per month. This includes access to more than 50 themes, access to design PDS files, access to the member only support and community forums and access to all new themes released while the user is a subscribed member.

The Best Templatic Option for You

Templatic provides users with a variety of attractive WordPress themes that can be used in many ways. The user can promote a product, share information or encourage visitors to take action. The current collection features many practical designs, including unique location-based themes. Templatic is on board with the single purchase and subscribers’ club pricing system and offers user’s a number of purchase options. Users with only one WordPress site as well as those who develop sites can find a Templatic package that works with their needs, budget and design requirements.

You can download templatic themes here. Buy download templatic themes

Studiopress Optimal Theme: WordPress Business Theme released a new WordPress business theme today, this is really a brand new fresh layout from studiopress. Please noted this is a Community theme, not a Pro Plus All-Themes package theme, that means you can’t download the Optimal Theme even if you are a pro plus member, but we assure you that the design and coding of them are top-notch.

Small business theme
Small business theme
Demo / Download

This theme is a child theme of studiopress genesis theme, if you want to use this theme, please purchase the Genesis theme framework first.

Studiopress Optimal Theme Features

The Optimal child theme includes the following features: 10 color styles (black, brown, dark blue, dark gray, default blue, green, orange, purple, red and silver), 6 layout options, custom background, custom boxes, custom buttons, custom menus, featured images, fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options.

Demo / Download

Colorlabs Project Coupon Code 2012

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WordPress Best Backup Plugin: Backup Buddy from iThemes

Have you backed up your WordPress based websites already? Do you want to backup all your site just some clicks, not only the themes you use, the plugins you use, the files you have uploaded, not only the database? If you want to backup you site easily, here is the solution.

Based on our experience, we knew a backup solution would need to:

1. Completely backup database and files
2. Be convenient to create
3. Provide quick and easily restoration
4. Be trustworthy and reliable
Some of you may use the most popular free WordPress backup plugin WP-DB-Backup, and previously, so do I, also I use the free WordPress backup plugin WP-DB-Backup. WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database. Each time, after I backed up my database, then I will download the files I have uploaded, backup the theme and plugins I use. If I want to restore the site, I need to upload and restore all files one by one. Yes, it seems easy, but time consuming! How do you think. When I meet the backupbuddy, this plugin let me FREE!

backupbuddy-menuHere is the main menu of the backupbuddy, just some easy settings, you can backup all you site’s files, not only the database! BackupBuddy is the all-in-one solution for backups, restoration, and migration. The single backup ZIP file created can be used with the import & migration script to quickly and easily restore your site on the same server or even migrate to a new host with different settings. Whether you’re an end user or a developer, this plugin will bring you peace of mind and added safety in the event of data loss. The goal of this premium WordPress backup pluginis keeping the backup, restoration, and migration processes easy, fast, and reliable.

Minimum Configuration

Please configure the following items on the BackupBuddy Settings page before getting started:

  1. Email notifications – This will enable status email notifications.
  2. ImportBuddy & RepairBuddy passwords – This will allow you to download these scripts.

backup your site

  1. Perform a Full Backup by clicking `Full Backup` button on the Backup page. This backs up all files in your WordPress directory (and subdirectories) as well as the database. This will capture everything from the Database Only Backup and also all files in the WordPress directory and subdirectories. This includes files such as media, plugins, themes, images, and any other files found.
  2. Perform a Database Backup regularly by clicking `Database Backup` button on the Backup. The database contains posts, pages, comments widget content, media titles & descriptions (but not media files), and other WordPress settings. It may be backed up more often without impacting your available storage space or server performance as much as a Full Backup.
  3. Local backup storage directory: /home/myhai0/public_html/dobeweb/wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_backups/ (?)

Restoring, Migrating

  1. Upload the backup file and ImportBuddy Script (obtained on the Backup & Restore page) to the root web directory of the destination server. Do not install WordPress on the destination server. The importbuddy.php script will restore all files, including WordPress.
  2. Create a mySQL database on the destination server.( Tutorial Video & Instructions Here )
  3. Navigate to importbuddy.php script in your web browser on the destination server. If you provided an import password you will be prompted for this password before you may continue.
  4. Follow the importing instructions on screen. You will be asked whether you are restoring or migrating.

Scheduled Backups

scheduled backupThere is no need to setting the Backups in the future, the plugin will backup you site automatically! Keep your data in a safe place!

Make sure your WordPress site is safe and secure with BackupBuddy. There’s never been a better time than now:

And here is a 40% off BackupBuddy coupon code for you through March 31, 2012, check it here.

Premium Business WordPress Theme from Clover Themes: coBusiness

coBusiness is a CMS(content management system) WordPress business theme from, this is a new stylish and easy to use CMS theme,perfect for small business websites.

One of the most popular business WordPress theme in 2012

The homepage of the cobusiness WordPress theme
Demo / Download
The homepage of this WordPress theme using nivo jQuery slider, which is a very popular jQuery rotator, at the bottom of the slider, you can add 3 featured pages, this kind of design can be seen on a lot companies websites, and this design is classic. Then, at the bottom of the featured pages, you can add one testimonial from your clients or call action words there. The bottom design also very classic, 4 footer widgets ready, and the contact links at the very bottom of the page.

The about us page of the coBusiness theme
Each page and post, you can add one featured image, then the featured image will be display before the content. As you can see the about page, they used a featured image for that page, looks great!

The product or service page of the coBusiness theme
This is product page of this small business WordPress theme, you can list your products or services in details use their unique page template, and there are 3 page templates for you to choose from, 2 columns, 3 columns, and 4 columns, and of course you can use the WordPress default gallery to showcase your products.

Clover Themes coBusiness Theme

The price of this theme is $69.95

Demo / Download

Backup Buddy Coupon Code 2012: 30% Off

I’m happy to tell that ithemes give us a new coupon code for their most popular WordPress backup plugin: backup buddy.

The backup buddy is the best backup plugin for WordPress, this plugin making backup easier, just some clicks, you can backup all you data, not only the database, but also the plugins you installed, the theme you use, the files you uploaded. And it is easy to restore your sites easily! Even you can migrate your sites easily!

What are you waiting for? Until you have lost all you data then you want to backup your data? Just use the ithemes backup buddy plugin now and make life easier! And why not grab the latest backup buddy coupon code 2012 to get 30% off?

And here is a guide for the backup buddy.


StudioPress Streamline 2.0 Theme Downloadable

This is a great news for studiopress Streamline WordPress Theme users, you can download a brand new theme now for FREE, because studiopress changed the Streamline theme layout completely. They released a modern WordPress theme today, yes, the Streamline!A modern sleek clean CMS like WordPress theme!

Modern Sleek wordpress theme
Modern Sleek wordpress theme

Download / Demo

This new 2012 WordPress theme works on the Studiopress Genesis Frameworkand this cool WordPress theme can be downloaded by Pro Plus members in the support forum, also this new version can be download by the users who bought this layout before, the updated version will be sent out to the email address you used to purchase.

The Studiopress Streamline WordPresstheme is the fourth layout released at StudioPress which has been developed to be mobile responsive. The first three mobile responsive WordPress themes built with mobile responsive webdesign are eleven40 theme, Balance WordPress theme and Generate theme. If your site has a lot mobile readers, it’s time to get a cool PC, mobile responsive theme at one time without extra fees.

What’s new in this Streamline 2.0 theme? The new version of this layout underwent a major design change and code update which means there’s not an easy update path. If you’re happy with your site built on a previous version of the theme, there’s no need to update.If yo love this new design, you can download it from your email studiopress will send the new theme to you who have purchased this theme! A redesigned of this theme, that means you get a new premium WordPress theme for FREE!

The Streamline WordPress child theme includes the following features: 3 layout options, custom header, custom menus, custom background, 3 color styles (blue, green, orange), fixed width, mobile responsive, theme options,featured images, threaded comments.

At first glance, this is officially my favorite theme from StudioPress! It’s got all of the elements I look for…with the exception of two that are missing (Landing Page & Portfolio Page). Everything else is tight, has social signals, has direct response, good typography. Really, really well executed.


StudioPress Streamline 2.0 Theme + Genesis Framework = $79.95
StudioPress Genesis Streamline 2.0 Theme = $24.95
Studiopress All theme pro plus package: $349.95

Download Streamline 2.0 Theme / Demo Continue reading “StudioPress Streamline 2.0 Theme Downloadable”

ThemeShift Review – A Review of

ThemeShift Review: Read the review before you buy Themeshift WordPress Themes

ThemeShift are relatively new to the world of WordPress themes, but already they have made large inroads when it comes to gathering a loyal customer base, mainly thanks to their fairly priced and professional looking themes. This ThemeShift review is going to look at the good – and not so good – aspects of this site and help you to determine whether you want to head over there are download one or more of their themes for yourself!

themeshift review
themeshift review

Download ThemeShift Themes

ThemeShift Selection

To say that the selection of themes on ThemeShift is small would be an understatement; in fact, there are only 15 currently available to purchase on this site. Of these themes, the selection is split evenly over themes for business, portfolios and blogging, and although the selection is small, the themes are of a very high quality. This means that you should certainly take a few minutes to look over what they offer, as if you do find a theme that you like, you can be guaranteed that it will both look good and be incredibly intuitive to use.

ThemeShift Features

As already mentioned, the quality of each of the themes on his site is fantastic, and this really shines through both in the front and back-ends. They all have the standard features of any good WordPress theme – such as the option for a slider and the integration of a blog – but there are some more important features that this ThemeShift review has unearthed as well, which are detailed below…

  • The code on all of the themes is extremely clean, which is incredibly important if you are looking to customize the theme in any way. In fact, it is so well-structured that even those with only a tiny knowledge of code should be able to make basic changes without any hassle!
  • Every single theme has a comprehensive set of different options within the dashboard, which complement – and often improve upon – the options that WordPress already supply.
  • Each theme has its own set of custom widgets, which are designed to complement the way that the theme both looks and feels. There are also a huge amount of different areas in which the widgets can be used, to ensure the maximum amount of customization possible.
  • Most themes support videos being embedded either into the page, or onto the slider.

ThemeShift Support

¿Tienes un problema? Hast du ein problem? Either way, it’s no problem, as the support for ThemeShift customers is not only available in English, but in Spanish and German as well! This support can be accessed after you have purchased a theme by going into the member area, which has comprehensive tutorials and FAQ sections, as well as a support forum for all of your questions as well. If you have questions pre-purchase, you can contact them via email, using the link on their site. If we had to pick the most impressive aspect of this site from this ThemeShift review, then the support they offer would be it!

Continue reading “ThemeShift Review – A Review of”

OrganicThemes Review – Review of

Organic Themes Review: Review of the WordPress Themes

Although they only offer a small selection of WordPress themes, what OrganicThemes do very well is ensure that the themes they produce are of the highest quality possible – which is probably the reason why their site isn’t flooded with new themes every single week. This OrganicThemes review is going to look at the different facets of the themes provided by this site, and therefore help you to come to a decision regarding whether they are the right site for you to buy from. So, let’s jump straight in!
OrganicThemes Review

OrganicThemes Selection

When it comes to the amount of different themes that OrganicThemes have for you to choose from, there are actually only 16 on the whole site. This is obviously an incredibly small amount, even by the standards of a small website, so you might not always be able to find what you are looking for here. On the upside though, this lack of themes is a clear indication that they only pick the best ones for their site, which means that the selection they have is of a very high quality, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of the functionality of the back end. They brand themselves as having themes for “artists, bloggers and business owners”, but this OrganicThemes review thinks that they are really suitable for anyone looking for a crisp and often minimal design.

OrganicThemes Features

There are a number of different features that you will find attached to all of the themes that this website produces. Some of these are:


  • All themes are designed to work across all of the major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • The themes from this site are all completely compatible with mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and all other smart phones.
  • Thanks to the clean and professional coding of each theme, they are all easy to customize, providing you have the necessary knowledge of code to do so.
  • All of the themes are given regular updates, which allow the themes to use the latest advances within WordPress to their full capability.

OrganicThemes Support

Those of you who have used WordPress themes before will know that occasionally aspects of a specific theme come up that completely stump you, leaving you with no choice but to contact the company to ask them how to complete a certain action. Luckily, the support provided at OrganicThemes is generally very good, with options to email them with specific queries, or to go onto the forum page, where you will find answers to all of the most common questions. The only problem with the forum is that it is extremely busy, with a huge number of different questions and answers – therefore meaning that it might take you quite a while to find what you are looking for!

OrganicThemes Pricing

You might think that a smaller site such as OrganicThemes has to raise their prices in order to make a decent turnover, but the reality is that they are a site offering themes at about the average price. This means that this OrganicThemes review has failed to find any themes by them costing more than $69, which is a good price considering how nice these themes are. One slight problem that we do have though is the price that they charge for the Developer’s Pack, which gives access to all 16 of the themes. At $249, we think that this is very expensive – especially considering the fact that other sites with hundreds of themes offer the same deal for around the same price!

OrganicThemes Conclusion

If you take one thing from this OrganicThemes review, it should be that the themes here are of excellent quality – if you can find one from the small selection that suits your purposes. The prices are good and the support is more than acceptable, and the back-end of each of the themes is a pleasure to use.

You can download organic themes here.