Magazine WordPress Theme from Rich WP: Rich Magazine

In case you haven’t noticed, recently plenty of A-List bloggers have written and discussed the END of blogging as we know it. A number of the large guys get increasingly more guest bloggers and staff writers. Some have already, others are about to alter from the classical blog layout to a additional magazine styled approach. They’ll challenge the conventional Media outlets. What’s your move? Rich Magazine is a flexible premium WordPress magazine theme from RichWP. This magazine wordpress theme is built on the RichWP Theme Framework that characteristics an extensive point & click design editor that allows you to build your own layouts without needing programming skills. Other functions include extensive SEO options, a comprehensive settings panel plus lots more.
Rich Magazine Premium WordPress Theme
Demo / Download

To get one of the most out of the RichWP FrameWork and the RichMAGAZINE Theme, a comprehensive manual are going to be provided with every single buy. You come across step-by-step installation directions, tutorial videos, and several pointers and useful tips that make your life less difficult. Really should you get really stuck, you are able to also often count on the e-mail and Skype support.
RichWP Theme Framework Features

  • Extensive Design Options – turn on/off the thumbs, dates, excerpts, slider, category boxes, related posts, change the layout of the post list, etc
  • Extensive Design Editor – to create the look you really want without needing to touch the code. Build your layout from four different layout blocks (slider, post list, category boxes, flexible sidebar)
  • Theme Option Settings – backup to secure your work
  • World-Class Caching System – to make your site lightning fast and keep the workload on your server to a minimum
  • Design Presets – to speed up your design process
  • Child Theme Support – to enhance functionality and diversify your layouts even further
  • Fast, Responsive One-On-One Support
  • Works in all major browsers
  • Full WordPress Photo Attachment Gallery – support to efficiently create big photo galleries (including Full-Page Mode) Built-in advertising placements
  • SEO-Friendly, Performance-Driven Architecture – to provide enhanced accessibility; your site will work on most mobile devices
  • No Usage Restrictions – use on as many sites as you want
  • Enhanced Photo Gallery – to present your photos and artwork (normal & full-screen mode)
  • WordPress 3.0+ ready

RichMagazine + RichWP Framework: $127
RichMagazine Child Theme: $27
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Book Directory WordPress Theme for Online Book Club

Create a online store using wordpress is an easy task. You can create a online book club easily use wordpress and use a professional layout will make your site great. Here is a online bookclub wordpress theme from which named Bookclub, The Bookclub wordpress theme is a child theme for woothemes Listings wordpress theme offering the ability to showcase a directory of books that you as a book publisher, bookworm, affiliate advertiser or book club will benefit from. This brand new stylish book listing wordpress themes offers a featured books carousel, and custom book author archive pages packaged in a clean and crisp layout. If you are planing.

2011 CMS WordPress theme: Book Directory WordPress Theme

book store wordepress theme
Demo / Download
Please note that this theme is dependant on the Listings theme, meaning it cannot function without Listings also being installed on your WordPress website.
Listings allows any niche business to create a listings/directory based website thanks to a Woo-powered content builder for custom post type, taxonomy and custom field generation. It also offers advanced search capabilities, Google Maps integration and the ability to upload a listing from the front end.


  • Custom Book Author Archive Pages
    Thanks to the content builder you can add custom fields to taxonomies. This means you can add an image and biography to an author, with the author being a taxonomy/category. When you view the taxonomy archive you’ll then see this additional content.
  • Custom Homepage
    The homepage contains a unique carousel, recent book listings, book category modules, and widgetized footer areas. All are optional and can be setup in the options panel.
  • CPT, Taxonomies & Custom Fields for Book Directory Listings
    Once you activate the Bookclub theme a “Books” custom post type is created, with taxonomies for authors, publishers and genres, as well as a few custom fields for the book listings.
  • Featured Post Slider? Featured Book Carousel
    The featured book carousel can be set up in the theme options where you specify what tag to pull posts from. Those posts are then pulled into this neat, visual javascript slider.
  • Affiliate Links
    Add Affiliate Links and Purchase Buttons.When adding a book in your WordPress backend you have the option to add a book cover image, an affiliate link to a site where they can purchase the book and another field for the price of the book.

Woothemes bookclub theme : $20
Demo / Download
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Woothemes Simplicity Business Premium WordPress Theme released a new premium business wordpress theme early today, the simple clean business cms wordpress theme is named Simplicity. Woothemes Simplicity is a business theme that is hugely customizable with a clean layout, custom post types for testimonials, and featured home page slider, mini-features, portfolio items, and slides etc. Make this new cms wordpress theme your own and completely configure your home page how you want.

Business CMS WordPress Theme: Simplicity

woothemes business wordpress theme coupon
Demo / Download

With Simplicity we tried to create a theme that could become your one-stop / all-in-one option for new business websites. This means that the theme had to have extreme flexibility in both design & functionality without compromising on either of those.

Starting with the homepage, you’ll see the following modules available: a Featured Slider, Mini Features, Portfolio & Testimonial. You will also note that we’ve taken this flexibility into the featured slider as well, where you have multiple layout options, which allows you to use that space as you wish.

We also believe that by including basic portfolio functionality, Simplicity enables you to showcase your products. Whilst this functionality only includes the basics for now, we can totally see it possible – in future – to integrate WooCommerce to add an online retail aspect to the theme.

Under Simplicity’s hood you will find woothemes established WooFramework at the core, making sure that everything runs just perfectly. :) Customize your footer (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 columns isn’t a problem for Simplicity and we’ll even remove it if you want), tweak the typography or switch around the layouts/sidebar of the inner pages.

Sounds too easy, right? But the WooFramework really is that awesome and if you consider it is being used in all 89 of  woothemes wordpress  themes, it needs to be incredibly flexible already.

As far as opinions go, Simplicity is our answer to the question “How should a new business website look?”. If one of us were to start a new consulting firm or photography studio, we would most probably use Simplicity. And if that sounds like we’re just saying that for the sake of it, we have some “evidence” to prove this: we actually use our own stuff often!

More Features:

  • Custom Post Types?The theme takes full advantage of the new custom post types functionality than came with WordPress 3.0, so adding slides, mini-features, testimonials and portfolio posts is dead easy!
  • Custom Homepage?Custom home page layout with mini-features, portfolio and testimonial modules.
  • Featured Slider?A custom home page featured slider to showcase your work or products with style, all powered by jQuery. Optional slider pagination gives your visitors easy overview.
  • Portfolio Page Template?An optional integrated portfolio section driven by custom post types, which utilizies jQuery prettyPhoto script to display your work in a lightbox.
  • Custom Widgets?The theme has a widgetized 1 sidebar (that you can even include on the home page) and 4 footer, and as always comes with 8 custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, WooTabs, Subscribe, Feedback, Search, Flickr and Twitter).
  • Alternative Styles?The theme includes 9 alternative color styles which you can preview in the demo, and also has styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color.
  • Custom Typography?You can customize the typography in the theme to suit, and there is full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.

Woothemes Simplicity Theme: $70
Woothemes Developer package: $150
Woothemes Club: $125 — $200

Demo / Download
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iThemes Builder Theme Free Child Theme Classen

Here is a new simple clean premium wordpress cms theme for small business. If you are looking for an easy to use but functional wordpress template, this ithemes builder child theme is for you:Classen. This premium WordPress theme is for iThemes’ Builder Theme Framework. This child theme is free and if you have purchased ithemes builder theme, you can download all more than 20 child themes free! You can use ithemes builder theme coupon code to save. Features include a unique layout editor and style editor to easily create new layouts and control theme elements, advanced SEO options and more.

iThemes builder child theme

classen wordpress theme
The Classen theme is included with the purchase of the Builder Framework which includes 25+ free child themes.Why invest in a premium WordPress Theme? Mostly because of their flexibility. If you just have a single site, you are probably better off using a free WordPress theme. But if you have a lot of sites you are building, these premium wordpress themes are extremely powerful and a single theme can power many different sites, each with a different design and functionality.

  • Author Gravatars – each author’s gravatar will be displayed next to their posts
  • Layout Editor – build almost any kind of new layout or page template you want (without knowing code)
  • Style Manager – makes it easy to tweak CSS without knowing code. Easily change colours, background etc
  • Unique Blog Index – author meta and featured image are stacked nicely to the left of every post for a unique style
  • Custom Landing Pages – squeeze pages, email opt in pages, feed pages, portfolio pages etc
  • Use one theme to build a website with multiple layouts and individual looks for each (each layout can have its own CSS)
  • WordPress 3.0+ Custom Menu integration
  • Assign specific layouts to certain WP Views (specific layouts for blogs, pages, posts, and categories)
  • Create new widgets areas layouts or sidecars on the fly
  • Infinite Widget Areas
  • Alternate Module Styles
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Simple Layout Control
  • BuddyPress integration
  • Billboard & Rotating Images plugins
  • Advanced SEO options panel
  • 25+ Bonus Child Themes

Free with iThemes Builder
iThemes Builder: $97
Demo / Download

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Business Blog WordPress Theme from StudioPress: Focus

Focus is a new child theme of studiopress genesis wordpress theme framework, which is a search engine optimized, easy to use, functional business blog wordpress layout, if you are looking for a professional wordpress theme, this new wordpress theme is for you. The Focus wordpress blog Theme was built to bring your words, pictures and videos into sharp relief. It’s a clean and powerful theme with one critical objective: concentrating your priceless reader’s attention. And there are 3 colors scheme for your site.

StudioPress WordPress Theme for business blog websites
business blog wordpress theme
The Focus child theme is the second of many themes that will utilize the Genesis Grid Loop that was included as part of Genesis v1.5. Of course this new wordpress template supports the latest wordpress version: V3.1. The studiopress Genesis Grid Loop was a custom function that was written to display featured posts on the top of a homepage, and then display a grid-like area of post excerpts at the bottom. You can also view an advanced tutorial on the Grid Loop written by Gary Jones. Why not have a try? State of the art code and smart design architecture mean search engines clearly see your content. And with automatic updates to Genesis, you never have to think about it again.

And you can find more business wordpress themes here.

Current version: 1.0 · Updated: 3/10/11
Requires: WP 3.0 · Compatible to: WP 3.1
Features: custom background, 3 color styles, 6 layout options, featured images, threaded comments, footer widgets
BuddyPress Compatible: No
The 34 Genesis turn-key designs give you an array of beautiful frames for your content. The Genesis design settings give you unprecedented control of the framework without coding.

Focus wordpress theme: $24.95
Focus Theme + Genesis: $79.95
Pro Plus Package: $249.95 -Includes EVERY Theme studiopress Make (lifetime)

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Latest CMS WordPress Theme from Woothemes: Biznizz

Download the woothemes latest new premium wordpress theme now: Biznizz. Built on our winning formula, Biznizz will give your website a fresh new look. It’s integrated slider and custom homepage layout, in addition to the optional portfolio page template, makes Biznizz a great candidate for your next business website. The theme includes 10 alternative color styles which you can preview in the demo, and also has styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color. Google love new fresh codes, this unique layout will help rank better than others. This is really a good wordpress cms theme for business websites.

In 2011, you can expect a handful more releases like Biznizz purely because our business themes are our most popular, and as a result we’ll make sure to give you as many, amazingly designed options as possible. The feature sets for business themes are pretty standard, and instead we’ll focus on spicing up the design and then including the odd new, perhaps niche feature.
A custom home page featured area to showcase your work or products with style, all powered by jQuery. Optional slider pagination gives your visitors easy overview.

Woothemes CMS WordPress Theme: Biznizz

Biznizz’ Beautiful Homepage

Demo / Download

The theme has a widgetized sidebar and footer, and as always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, WooTabs, Subscribe, Feedback, Search, Flickr and Twitter).

So let’s have a look at Biznizz‘ design, the beauty of which is most focused on the custom homepage. The homepage showcases probably the biggest featured slider we’ve ever developed (or included in a theme), but we figured that with the right graphics, your visitors / customers will be completely unable to ignore your marketing messages (in a very Jedi mind trick kinda way). Further down you’ll see the same kind of mini features – icon / symbol along with some copy – that have been very popular and is also very prominent on our homepage. In addition to this, there’s enough space to have a biggish section for your blog posts, as well as a widgetized sidebar to do just as you please (and with our Sidebar Manager you’ll have even more control).

The theme takes full advantage of the new custom post types functionality than came with WordPress 3.0, so adding slides, mini-features and portfolio posts is dead easy!You can customize the typography in the theme to suit, and there is full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.

For the inner pages, you’ll find that everything pretty much adheres to what we consider to be best practice and you’ll even find that most of those layouts are modeled in a very similar way to how our own website looks. Which brings us to another point…

Just Like WooThemes

We get so many e-mails asking whether the design we are using on our own website is perhaps available as a theme. The answer has always been “no” for two reasons:

  1. We prefer to be unique in the exact same way that we recommend to all our users that they modify our themes to suit their own brand / identity.
  2. There’s too much custom design & development work that has gone into the theme and it would thus never work for as a generic theme for thousands of users; and

But that doesn’t mean we can’t release a theme that is at least close to our own design. In the past, we had a handful of options that you could consider if you wanted a design that closely resembles our own: Inspire, Optimize & Coffee Break. When we were however working on Biznizz, we realized that we might have subconsciously stumbled onto something here…

Side-by-side comparison of the Biznizz & blog pages.

Custom home page layout with Mini-features area, and option to insert any page above/below mini-features area.An optional integrated portfolio section driven by custom post types, which utilizies jQuery prettyPhoto script to display your work in a lightbox. You can find a lot cool business wordpress themes here.

Biznizz – as mentioned above – is incredibly similar in layout & flow to our own site and we think that if you wanted to replicate what we were doing on here, Biznizz would be a great option for you. We’re not suggesting copying us (or anyone else), but a winning recipe stays a winning recipe…

Standard: $70
Developer: $150
WooThemes Club Membership: $15 – $20 per month

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WordPress Restaurant Theme for Food Related Websites

If you are looking for a good wordpress Restaurant Theme for Food Related Websites, here is a brand new theme called Restaurant Pro. This is the most flexible and powerful Restaurant WordPress theme, currently available on the market. Build your restaurant website in seconds and control every aspect of it. If it doesn’t make your hungry customers happy, we’ll refund your purchase.

New WordPress Restaurant Theme

wordpress restaurant theme
Demo / Download

This new WordPress Restaurant Theme uses the most flexible layout engine, currently available for WordPress. There are no templates and no need for advanced short codes, just drag & drop your widgets, edit your layout and design any page separately if you want.


Advanced and Flexible Menu
It is very simple to add new meals, style your menus and even create special offers for your customers. You may display as many menus as you want, however you want it.

Advanced Design control
All our themes use simple and powerful design controller, but this one has taken a step further, so you now have support for all custom fonts, backgrounds, borders and colors, wherever you like.

Ready for use in 30 seconds
All options are predefined, so your site is ready to use in less than a blink of an eye. Just activate your theme and set default widgets & layout grids or start on a clean canvas, however you prefer.

Multiple Sliders, Portfolios, Blogs … on a single page
There is no need for custom templates and you may use all theme widgets multiple times, even on a same page. Build your custom product listings with a nice looking sliders and get creative.

Extremely Fast
Theme is very fast as there is no unused code and queries from database are cached. Your site will never load html elements you don’t have control of and will execute most of the JavaScript inside footer.

21 Advanced widgets
Even though all existing WordPress widgets are compatible with Layout engine, we integrated more than 20 advanced widgets that are reusable and more than enough to build anything you need in a website.

This is really a good creative WordPress themes for restaurants, cafes and food, and here are more features:
Other important features

  • Query posts widget that displays any post type just the way you want it
  • Automatic framework updater
  • Only one theme, versified using license control API
  • Add additional grids into layout engine
  • Nested grids, multiple columns, unlimited number of hierarchical levels
  • Ajax pagination

Restaurant Pro – Standard Package $49.00 for lifetime subscription 30% off regular price $69 (OFFER EXPIRES SOON)
Demo / Download
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New Real Estate Template for WordPress Websites

Happy new year! A brand new year 2011 is coming! Everything is new. If you are looking for a professional real estate template for your real estate websites, here is a new wordpress theme for you. Real Agent Real Estate wordpress Theme is a WordPress 3.0+ compatible clean grid based real estate theme from Gorilla Themes. This new wordpress theme has a lot cool features, with a dynamic real estate framework management module for easy edit-delete-add more features options making this theme extremely easy to customize to your market needs. With this new premium real estate wordpress theme, you can add your own labels and values in your own language ( compatible with all markets) and switch the theme to your own language with English and Spanish files included with the ability to add your own language, really cool, right? Also this cool wordpress theme supports multi-Category search with breadcrumb filtered results, easy photo gallery management with drag-drop sorting of images. You can build your own multi-category search section menu with custom labels-choices and unlimited drop down menus presented in a professional module with search results in breadcrumb navigation.

Real Estate WordPress Theme for Real Estate Agent

realagent real estate wordpress theme
Demo / Download

This wordpress real estate theme is suited for individual or multiple agents. With this brand new premium wordpress theme from Gorilla Themes, you can write your listing address and have the automatically Google maps integration do the rest to show you the exact location of your listing in the property page together with Google Maps Street View option for an extremely close up detailed images of your property.

Also, you can upload property photos in bulk with the native WordPress uploader and the new image editing and resizing options in WordPress 3.0+ The premium real estate wordpress theme features 5 different color styles, blue, black, red, green and purple with professional layouts, logo and agent photo uploaders.


  • 5 Colour Styles
  • Google Street View
  • Add-Edit-Delete your own fields
  • Breadcrumb Filtered Results
  • Build your own search module in 3 steps
  • Multi Category Search
  • Contact Agent Form
  • Theme localization for internationalization
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Single or Multi Agent
  • Automatic Google Maps Integration
  • Batch Image upload for Listings
  • Social Networks integration
  • WordPress multisite enabled
  • Native WordPress Photos Galleries
  • Individual Agent Photo Upload
  • Logo Uploader
  • Native WordPress Thumbnail Resizing
  • Single Property Slideshow
  • Page Layouts
  • Individual Agent pages with Agent bio
  • Related properties for each agent
  • Integrated Blog Page
  • Finance Calculator
  • Unlimited photo galleries
  • Gravity Forms styles enabled
  • Page templates included
  • Banner Advertisement management
  • WordPress 3.0+ compatible
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google Adsense ready

Standard: $79.95
Developer: $135.95
Demo / Download This Theme
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Fashion Magazine WordPress Theme: Fashion

If you are looking for a new professional magazine wordpress theme for your fashion, style, beauty related niches, you can try this cool wordpress magazine theme from clover themes.

Fashion WordPress Magazine Theme
Demo / Download

This cool interface is meant to be a perfect backdrop to your content. The theme is ready to start working, out of the box, with a multitude of theme options, custom widgets to help you personalize your environment. This is a adsense ready wordpress theme, of course, if you do not love google adsense, you can add any advertisement codes to the ad area.


  • jQuery Content Slider on Homepage
  • Drop Down Multi Level Menu
  • Different category listing: Blog listing and category posts listing
  • Advertisement management. 5 Ads ready, Google Adsense ready
  • Category description
  • Theme Options Page
  • Popular posts support
  • Author bio box
  • Search engine optimized
  • Support for Threaded Comments
  • Full width Templates for Pages
  • Post Thumbnails Support
  • Built in page navigation
  • Built in Social Icons
  • Custom Widgets
  • Compatible with all Modern Browsers


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Christmas Premium WordPress Themes Discount Coupons

Christmas and New Year is a time of celebration, joy, holidays and happiness. It’s also a time for great deals and discounts on premium WordPress themes. Check out the bargains below:

Solostream: 3-for-1 Special. Save 67% with three premium WordPress themes for the price of one. Use Solostream discount code to save.

WooThemes: 5-for-1 on all WordPress theme packages and 20% discount on all club subscriptions. woothemes promotion available until 31 December 2010.

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Theme Junkie: 50% of all themes and all-themes-package. Use Theme Junkie coupon code