Pagelines Free WordPress Themes Download

Free Pagelines WordPress Themes

Here are some free pagelines wordpress themes for you to download. Here are 5 free wordpress themes from, enjoy.

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Eco

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Eco
Eco is a free professional WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. Designed and developed by PageLines.

Demo / Download

Free PageLines WordPress Theme: iBlog

iBlog is a professional yet free WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. It has thumbs, widget, options, localization and more! Designed and developed by PageLines.
Free PageLines WordPress Theme: iBlog
Demo / Download

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: WhiteHouse

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: WhiteHouse
WhiteHouse is a professional yet free WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. It has thumbs, widget, options, localization and more! Designed and developed by PageLines.
Demo / Download

Station Free WordPress Theme from Pagelines

Station Free WordPress Theme from Pagelines
** Supports 3.0 Menus ** Station is a professional yet free WordPress theme built on the PageLines CMS framework. It has thumbs, widget, options, localization and more! Designed and developed by PageLines.

Demo / Download

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Platform

Pagelines Free WordPress Theme: Platform
Platform is an drag-and-drop theme-design framework for WordPress and HTML5. It will help you do amazing things with your site, faster & easier than ever before. Designed and developed by PageLines in California.
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If you want to buy pagelines premium wordpress theme framework, you can read the pagelines review first.

Americana Builder Theme: A Political WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a political skin for your wordpress based blog, the new wp theme from ithemes builder: Americana is a good layout for political related websites. Americana is a political blog WordPress theme from iThemes for the Builder theme framework. And the Builder is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use WordPress theme designed to allow you to quickly build websites and blogs with WordPress.

iThemes has a very large library of all different kind of templates and themes to implement into your current blog. Builder includes an innovative layout engine allowing you to build almost any layout you like and easy manage the theme graphics and styling. You can have a very professional look to your blogs with these themes and ultimately raise your earnings pleasing the audience with a great designed blog.

Political WordPress Theme: Americana

Americana Premium WordPress Theme
Demo / Download

Builder Features

  • Build almost any kind of new layout or page template you want (without knowing code)
  • 9+ Bonus Child Themes
  • Simple Layout Control
  • Infinite Widget Areas
  • Style Manager – easily tweak the CSS
  • Assign specific layouts to certain WP Views (specific layouts for blogs, pages, posts, and categories)
  • Create new widgets areas layouts or sidecars on the fly
  • Use one theme to build a website with multiple layouts and individual looks for each (each layout can have its own CSS)
  • Advanced SEO options panel
  • Custom Landing Pages – squeeze pages, email opt in pages, feed pages, portfolio pages etc
  • Billboard & Rotating Images plugins
  • BuddyPress integration
  • WordPress 3.0+ Custom Menu integration

I use the themes from iTheme on many of my blogs and I have been very satisfied with them. They are low priced compared to their quality and they are easily customizable. With Builder’s innovative Layout Engine, you can build almost any layout you’d like within minutes. Then bling out your site with graphics and styling.

Free with iThemes Builder, and you can use all builder child themes free
iThemes Builder: $127
Demo / Download
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Platform Pro WordPress Theme Framework

The WordPress theme framework is very popular these days, with theme framework, you can setup your theme quickly and you can develop a child theme or redesign your site easily! Here is a new wordpress theme framework from pagelines: Platform Pro -A revolutionary new way to build websites, faster, easier and better than ever before.
Platform Pro is a drag and drop WordPress theme framework from PageLines. This professional wordpress theme framework helps you built a custom WordPress site quickly and easily with drag and drop layout and content. Pagelines Platform Pro features include BuddyPress and bbPress integration, child theme support, magazine & blog layout modes, full-width and fixed-width designs, advanced fonts, and ajax image uploading. The Section API gives drag and drop website control with layout builder options, drag & drop post types (feature slides, boxes, banners etc) and tons of comprehensive page by page options.Platform’s front-end design is based on a brand-new concept called ‘sections.’ In short, sections are similar to WordPress widgets (drag and drop sidebar elements) only they work much better for creating great designs and for use with templates.

Platform Pro WordPress Theme Framework
Platform Pro WordPress Theme Framework
Demo / Download

Why a Drag&Drop Framework

Fixed Width Magazine Layout Example
platform pro
Drag and Drop Layout Editor
platform layout editor
Download pagelines Platform Pro theme here


  • Design Modes – Choose from tons of design modes such as: magazine or blog layout; full-width or fixed-width site design
  • Drag & Drop Design Control – Create and customize your site by dragging and dropping ‘sections’ of content around your theme
  • Simple – Sections add standard html markup and custom hooks (for extending functionality). Cutting down on a lot of code while giving more functionality at the same time
  • Layout Builder – drag & drop layout dimensions and configure each of 5 different sidebar layout options on a page / post basis
  • drag and drop

  • Sections – allow you to drag and drop pre-designed modules of HTML, Javascript and other code on your site (similar to widgets)
    • Performance – Sections load their code (eg, Javascript), only on pages where they are used and according to best-practices, greatly improving performance
    • Plug-andPlay Sections – pre-designed pieces of web design (e.g. a feature slider, navigation, carousel, etc..) managed by the section API; so all you ever see is a simple drag and drop interface and options
    • Controls – Sections can be toggled on or off on a page-by-page basis and add their own post-types and options. This means total control of every page on your site
    • Development – Can be created and modified by designers in the Base child theme, meaning designers can add or alter the drag & drop sections in seconds
  • WordPress 3.0+ supports the coolest new WP features like custom post types, menus, and custom ‘taxonomies’ (i.e. custom categorizing)
  • Advanded Fonts – Platform allows you to integrate the Google fonts API or Cufon based fonts in seconds
  • Meta Options – Customize everything on a page-by-page basis through meta options. For example, the number of boxes, items in a carousel, custom images, and more…
  • Child Theme Support – to help you customize Platform easily and with best-practices for building a website using “hooks” and custom CSS
  • SEO Tuned – Tuned code for optimal search engine performance and accessibility. Works with all major SEO meta plugins
  • bbPress and BuddyPress Integrated – supports integrations with BuddyPress and has a matching bbPress forum theme (developer edition)
  • Forms and Ajax Uploading

Pagelines Platform Pro: $95
Pagelines Platform Pro Developer: $175
Download pagelines platform pro
* The cost for a single pro license will cost $95. A multi use developer license will be sold for $175, which also includes compatibility with bbPress forum, graphics and links removed.
Also, the studiopress genesis theme framework is very popular, the studiopress genesis theme framework price is $59.95, really a low price! Download studiopress genesis theme framework here. Continue reading “Platform Pro WordPress Theme Framework”

StudioPress Outreach Child Theme Download

Outreach Child Theme for the Genesis Theme Framework
Another new simple clean wordpress CMS theme comes out: the studio press Outreach Theme, which is easy to use and easy to customize.Good for business/corporate websites.
Studiopress Genesis Theme Framework Child theme: Outreach
StudioPress Outreach cms wordpress theme
Demo / Download
I’ve always been a big fan of corporate websites. The good ones, of course! Not sure why, but I’m just a sucker for their clean look.
If you are looking for a simple clean cms wordpress theme, this outreach wordpress theme is good for you .
My last job was Creative Designer for a multinational company and among my many assignments, I also had to redesign the corporate website. So I had the chance to study the competition, as well as other well designed corporate websites.Studio press create professional cms wordpress themes, you can try their themes now! The Outreach theme is their latest new company wordpress themes, super beautiful! But if you do not like this theme, you can check out here to find more small business wordpress themes, or check the to find more cool wp themes.

Also, you can use studiopress coupon code to get 25% off!

Cute Pink Stylish WordPress Theme:Family Tree

If you are looking for a cute stylish wordpress theme, here is a good new wp theme from studiopress, I am sure you love this lovely wordpress theme!
cute pink lovely wordpress theme

Demo /Studiopress Family Tree Download

This is a new cute pink worpdress theme named family tree, with cool homagepage and 3 column inner page, suit most of the blogs/websites. Good for lifestyle/personal blog/family blogs.

The Family Tree theme was designed by the very talented Chris Ford, who has already designed another theme that will be made available in the near future in studiopress theme market.
familytree-cute wordpress theme

Current version: 1.0 · Updated: 4/10/10 · Requires: WP 2.9.1 · BuddyPress compatible: No
Designer: Chris Ford · Tags: 2 or 3-columns, fixed-width, theme-options, threaded-comments

If you have already purchased the studiopress Genesis Theme Framework and any other child theme previously, you can simply purchase the child package by itself, otherwise you need the Family Tree + Genesis Theme package.

Discount for studiopress wordpress themes: If you want to buy this new theme now, you can use studiopress discount code to get 25% off. Check out the latest new studiopress coupon code here.

And here are more professional photo wordpress themes for photographers.

More than 100 magazine wordpress themes here.

Download Headway 1.6.1

Download the headway theme free if you have purchased the cool headway theme framework. Because the new version has released.Headway 1.6 brings many new features to the table including a skins and leafs API, importing and exporting of “styles”, body background images, and much more.

Download Headway 1.6.1

Headway Theme 1.6.1  New Features

  • All Headway features in the WordPress admin have been moved from the Appearance module to Headway’s own module.
  • Skins and Leafs API. If you’re a developer, please refer the documentation on how to use the new APIs.
  • Administration panels have been redesigned.
  • Default leaf sets. You can now set a default leaf set that will be applied to every new page you make.
  • SEO: Automatic page and post slug cleanup.
  • Live CSS Editor. Edit your CSS and see the changes right before your eyes.
  • Ability to import and export design settings via Styles in the Templates panel in the visual editor.
  • Ability to reset leafs on page.
  • Faster and easier saving in the visual editor.
  • You can now add a background image to your site with a simple image uploader.
  • Many speed improvements. CSS is auto-cached and the amount of queries have been reduced tenfold.
  • Ability to load JavaScript libraries in the Headway Configuration panel.

Developer Notes

  • All leafs have the CSS class of headway-leaf instead of box.
  • Added headway_below_leaf action.

Besides the new features, there have been many, many bug fixes and other minor enhancements.
Download Now.

You can download Headway 1.6.1 in the members’ panel(download file). For skins, leafs, and styles, go to the Headway support forums.?

Headway 1.6 download

(Although I have purchased thesis 1.7, the diytheme:thesis latest new version, I love headway. Thesis 1.7 have some new features, it slow download the post, and it do Conflict with some of wordpress plugins! Thesis vs. Headway SEO: Headway has the same seo features as thesis, so forget the seo function, good content is the most important while the seo features are the same. If you need easy to use wordpress theme framework, the headway is a good for you. I love it, and other headway users do!)

Headway Theme vs. Genesis Theme

Which wordpress theme framework is better? Headway theme or studiopress genesis theme? Although these are theme framework,in fact they designed for different users.
Why studiopress designed Genesis theme while there are some popular theme framework?
In fact, studiopress developed the Genesis theme framework for their users. Yes, for studiopress users. Most of the current StudioPress themes have similar code, and it made total sense for them to take a step back, and provide a solution that would be ideal for them. What better way to do that than to build a framework that is built on one set of core files, and can easily be extended by way of a child theme.

Another major reason why the studiopress’ team developed the Genesis theme framework was to provide a much simpler way of updating as new theme releases took place. While the designer take full credit for the lack of ease on the current StudioPress themes, he knew that in order to stay atop the market, they needed to come up with a solution that was solid. One that would allow users to update their themes, without the need for re-doing theme customizations. The obvious choice in that process was to build a framework.

What are the Differences Then Between Genesis and Headway Theme?

Let’s start with the obvious – Genesis style can be customized by the use of a stylesheet, while Headway’s primary means of customization is a design options page. In my opinion, Headway theme wants to keep people in the dashboard – which is a very intelligent way of doing things. (I will point out that Headway, too, can also be customized by using a custom.css file.)

In my opinion, the author developed Headway to serve as a blank slate, so to speak – to give bloggers and developers a solid engine to start with, and to give them the ability to style as they please. With the studio press Genesis theme framework, studiopress’ team have focused more on the design element – while also ensuring that we still built a very solid core set of files. (Thus the hiring of Mark Jaquith to ensure the very best of security.)

I’d be willing to bet that if you took a look under the hood of Headway and Genesis , you’d see two very different things. While both are engines, they are both built differently.True, they both may have hooks in various locations, and some custom functions, that’s pretty much the extent of the similarities. Styling is handled differently, general code customization is handled differently and the list goes on.

There’s No Logical Comparison Between Genesis and Headway Theme

This headline might be a bit misleading – I’m not saying that Genesis is better than Headway theme – nor am I saying that Headway theme is better than Genesis. Here’s the best way for me to explain what I mean by “there’s no comparison”.

Think of a Honda Odyssey. Now think of a Ford Mustang. Both are cool vehicles, and that’s just about the extent of their similarities. Yes, they both have 4 wheels, a steering wheel and a few doors, but other than that they serve two very different purposes – and therefore cannot be compared to one another. One was designed to accommodate a family, take them to and from McDonald’s for nightly Happy Meal runs and also has a DVD player in it to keep parents sane. The other was designed for high speeds, for guys who are experiencing mid-life crisis and also for them to woo the ladies. See where I’m going here?

Which theme framework is better? Headway or Genesis?
Genesis was developed as a solution to a fundamental problem at StudioPress – well maybe not a problem, just a better solution. They did not develop it – nor do they market it as – a “Headway competitor/replacement.” Genesis is of a “killer” of Headway sites.

So if any of you feel the need to compare the Genesis theme framework and the Headway theme for WordPress, feel free. I’m sure there are some users who will claim one is better than the other – and that may be the case. A real estate agent might like Genesis better, and a blogger might like Headway better. The bottom line is that it’s pretty much different strokes for different folks. Some people drive mini-vans, some people drive cars. Both have their place in the world, and both can survive in the same market.

Then, have you decide which theme framework to buy? Headway or Genesis?
Choose your favorite.

The price of headway wordpress theme and studiopress genesis theme:

  1. Headway theme: $87   Use headway theme coupon code to get 20% off.  Headway 1.55 download
  2. Genesis Theme framework:$59.95 (child theme: $24.95) Try studiopress discount code BH10 to get 10% off. Genesis theme download

StudioPress Genesis Theme And Genesis Child Themes

The Genesis theme is a wordpress theme framework from, which is an easy to use,professional,simple wordpress theme,and there are a lot well designed beautiful child themes.Because of this, there are a lot wordpress users are using this theme framework,you can design your own unique wordpress layouts.

  1. Studiopress Genesis Theme
  2. Review of Genesis Theme

And here are some child themes of Genesis.There are 3 professional child themes at present, and more will add in the future.( You can donwload all 14 professional studiopress themes and Genesis theme and Genesis child themes if you have joined the pro-plus member.)

Studiopress Genesis Child Themes:

Genesis Platinum Child Theme
platinum magazine wordpress theme

Genesis Child Theme: Mocha
women mocha wordpress theme

Executive Child Theme
executive genesis child theme

Download Genesis Theme Now!
Use the latest new 2010 studiopress discount code: BH10 to get 10% off of the price.
If you want to buy all 14 themes + Genesis + Child themes + future Themes= just for $249.95, and you can use the studio press coupons. Buy now when the price is low! Click here to buy studiopress themes.

Studio Press Genesis Theme Review

Why Choose Studio Press Genesis Theme? Reasons to Build Your Site With Genesis

Do you love wordpress theme framework? There are 3 popular theme framework at present:thesis theme,headway theme,and the new genesis theme. As studiopress approach the anticipated public release of the Genesis Theme Framework, here are 5 reasons you should build your site using it. There are many more, of course, but in my opinion these are the biggest (and most significant) ones.Maybe you are a user of diytheme or headway theme, but I suggest you have a lot of the new studiopress genesis theme!

Layout Options

Studiopress took it upon ourselves to assume that a user who’s working with the Genesis theme framework would want some flexibility. That’s one of the reasons why it will offer 5 6 default layout options. (An additional Full Width Content option was added after the post was written.) In addition to having 6 universal (or site-wide) layout options, They have also given users the opportunity to select any of them on an individual post/page basis, all without having to create a separate theme template. In other words, if your entire site is using the content/sidebar layout, but you want a sales page to have a full width content layout – not a problem. Its as simple as clicking a button on the write post/page screen.

The Security of Genesis Theme

They are very happy to announce that Mark Jaquith, lead developer of WordPress has been hired to run a security audit on the Genesis Theme Framework. They take our products (and your security) very seriously here at Studio Press, and want you to have full confidence that the Genesis Theme Framework is as secure as possible. What better way to ensure this, than to hire the best of the best – someone who knows WordPress code and security more intimately than anybody else. Mark can be hired at his consulting firm, Covered Theyb Services.

Genesis Theme Updates

One of the primary focuses that Nathan and I had while in the development process was to ensure ease of use – both with day to day operations, but also with theme updates. While the current Studio Press “classic” themes have required folks to load updated versions from scratch, and meant that customizations had to be redone – the Genesis Theme Framework should end that. They have spent an enormous amount of time and energy on the parent theme, and the emphasis They made on semantics and careful naming of CSS elements should mean that most (if not all) theme updates will not affect your customizations.

Genesis Theme’s Child Theme Marketplace

Not only does the Genesis Theme Framework have very solid code, which is secure and Theyll-written, it will also boast a child theme marketplace. While the marketplace will initially launch as invite-only, it will provide a variety of professional designs from designers across the internet. They are very excited about this concept and this will give our community a number of designs/layouts to choose from. The child theme marketplace will also give a Genesis user the ability to change their designs, without changing the code or platform on which they’re used to. In other words, if you enjoy all of the custom widgets and features that Genesis has, you can simply redesign your site by using another child theme. Here’s some additional information regarding the marketplace which will help explain our vision.

Easy to Post Thumbnails

Many of you are aware of the recent WordPress 2.9 release, which includes the feature to include/use post thumbnails. Currently, Studio Press “classic” themes are using an image-resizing script called TimThumb, but the Genesis Theme Framework will not be using that code and will be serving post thumbnails using the organic way WordPress includes them. While this might seem like a step back, They assure you it’s not. With the ability to create intermediate (or custom) sized thumbnails and upcoming WordPress builds that will include additional thumbnail size options on the media setting page and ultimately auto-sized thumbnailing, They feel this is the best direction to go in. While TimThumb is a great script, They are trying to keep Genesis lightTheyight and less dependent on 3rd party code.

All in all, the studiopress genesis theme framework I think is good for newbies, and the other two theme framework diytheme and headway theme are good for designers and advanced wordpress users.