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Latest CMS WordPress Theme from Woothemes: Biznizz

Download the woothemes latest new premium wordpress theme now: Biznizz. Built on our winning formula, Biznizz will give your website a fresh new look. It’s integrated slider and custom homepage layout, in addition to the optional portfolio page template, makes Biznizz a great candidate for your next business website. The theme includes 10 alternative color styles which you can preview in the demo, and also has styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color. Google love new fresh codes, this unique layout will help rank better than others. This is really a good wordpress cms theme for business websites.

In 2011, you can expect a handful more releases like Biznizz purely because our business themes are our most popular, and as a result we’ll make sure to give you as many, amazingly designed options as possible. The feature sets for business themes are pretty standard, and instead we’ll focus on spicing up the design and then including the odd new, perhaps niche feature.
A custom home page featured area to showcase your work or products with style, all powered by jQuery. Optional slider pagination gives your visitors easy overview.

Woothemes CMS WordPress Theme: Biznizz

Biznizz’ Beautiful Homepage

Demo / Download

The theme has a widgetized sidebar and footer, and as always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, WooTabs, Subscribe, Feedback, Search, Flickr and Twitter).

So let’s have a look at Biznizz‘ design, the beauty of which is most focused on the custom homepage. The homepage showcases probably the biggest featured slider we’ve ever developed (or included in a theme), but we figured that with the right graphics, your visitors / customers will be completely unable to ignore your marketing messages (in a very Jedi mind trick kinda way). Further down you’ll see the same kind of mini features – icon / symbol along with some copy – that have been very popular and is also very prominent on our homepage. In addition to this, there’s enough space to have a biggish section for your blog posts, as well as a widgetized sidebar to do just as you please (and with our Sidebar Manager you’ll have even more control).

The theme takes full advantage of the new custom post types functionality than came with WordPress 3.0, so adding slides, mini-features and portfolio posts is dead easy!You can customize the typography in the theme to suit, and there is full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.

For the inner pages, you’ll find that everything pretty much adheres to what we consider to be best practice and you’ll even find that most of those layouts are modeled in a very similar way to how our own website looks. Which brings us to another point…

Just Like WooThemes

We get so many e-mails asking whether the design we are using on our own website is perhaps available as a theme. The answer has always been “no” for two reasons:

  1. We prefer to be unique in the exact same way that we recommend to all our users that they modify our themes to suit their own brand / identity.
  2. There’s too much custom design & development work that has gone into the theme and it would thus never work for as a generic theme for thousands of users; and

But that doesn’t mean we can’t release a theme that is at least close to our own design. In the past, we had a handful of options that you could consider if you wanted a design that closely resembles our own: Inspire, Optimize & Coffee Break. When we were however working on Biznizz, we realized that we might have subconsciously stumbled onto something here…

Side-by-side comparison of the Biznizz & blog pages.

Custom home page layout with Mini-features area, and option to insert any page above/below mini-features area.An optional integrated portfolio section driven by custom post types, which utilizies jQuery prettyPhoto script to display your work in a lightbox. You can find a lot cool business wordpress themes here.

Biznizz – as mentioned above – is incredibly similar in layout & flow to our own site and we think that if you wanted to replicate what we were doing on here, Biznizz would be a great option for you. We’re not suggesting copying us (or anyone else), but a winning recipe stays a winning recipe…

Standard: $70
Developer: $150
WooThemes Club Membership: $15 – $20 per month


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WordPress Directory Theme For Any Niche

No matter you are in any niche, the woothemes latest new listing wordpress theme is for you. Listings is one of the most powerful themes that allows any niche business to create a listings/directory based website thanks to a Woo-powered content builder for custom post type, taxonomy and custom field generation. This directory wordpress theme showcases your listings in a minimilistic style with advanced search capabilities and the ability to upload a listing from the front end. Watch the video below to better understand it’s capabilities and how it can help your business. If you love this theme, you can use woothemes coupon code to get 20% off. Christmas Special Offer Buy Listings for $160, that’s a 20% discount! It costs a little more than our other WordPress themes, but it unleashes a whole heap more functionality. The Listings theme comes bundled with the layered Photoshop file, but includes no bonus themes. It’s time to get woothemes listings wordpress theme.

Woothemes listings wordpress theme
listing wordpress theme
Demo / Download

This listings wordpress theme can be used for any type of niche website, for example a car dealer, book publisher, art gallery, photographer’s portfolio site, recruitment agency or anything else you can imagine.

Listing’s Unique Features

Featured slider

The featured slider can be enabled/disabled and displays any custom post type content tagged with a particular tag setup in the theme options. Great to highlight your best listings/content.

Custom homepage

The homepage showcases your directory/listings custom post types, taxonomies and latest posts, or any combination of these, with an optional featured slider, search module and widgetized areas.

Custom single listing template

The single listings page displays all your information in a neat modular layout. All images uploaded using the WP image uploader gets added into a js gallery tabber, your Google Map location is displayed if specified, and similar listings are displayed below.

Advanced search module

Specify exactly what custom post types / taxonomies / custom fields to use in the search module. The front end displays it neatly in a collapsible container accessible from any page.

Google Maps

Associate a Google Map address to your listing and enable street view and location maps allowing your site visitors to browse the neighbourhood. You can also add this custom field to any CPT using the content builder documented below.

Upload a listing page template

From your website front-end you can allow for site visitors to upload listings directly to your WP backend, ready for review and publishing. All the custom fields are pulled into the upload form and the site administrator can specify whether users must register to post or not.

The Content Builder Features

Create/edit custom fields

You can then use the content builder to create custom fields that will appear below your WYSIWG editor for your custom post type, for example you might want to have a Google Map field for your job location, or the ISBN number of a book.

Create/edit custom taxonomies

Once you’ve created new custom post types you can create taxonomies for them, for example: car makes, artist and musician genre, or job types. You can then add new listings and assign them to the taxonomies, like you do with posts and categories.

Create/edit custom post types

The content builder allows you create new custom post types, for example: vehicles, books, artists, musicians, jobs, the options are endless. You can then edit/delete those custom post types at a later stage.

Woothemes Christmas Special Offer
Buy Listings for $160, that’s a 20% discount!
Woothemes listings theme download:
Demo / Download

wordpress directory theme

Woo Themes WPBundle Coming!

It is not every day that wootheme get the opportunity to launch something incredibly awesome and supremely unique! Today’s launch of WPBundle is however just that: something absolutely spectacular.
The concept of wp bundles have been doing their rounds on the internet of late and it was only a matter of time before this concept would be applied to the WordPress community. So when woothemes’ friends – Liam McKay & Spencer Finnell – set out to create WPBundle earlier this year via a failed Kickstarter project, they just knew that a collaboration would produce some spectacular results. In the last 6 months woo themes team have thus worked with Liam & Spencer to bring you this WooThemes & WPBundle collaboration.

Liam & Spencer wanted to create something unique with WPBundle and wanted to position their business model completely differently to other WP theme providers.

The first WPBundle released today contains 10 amazing themes – ranging from personal blogging to business to photography to niche – and is available for only $250. That’s an very awesome $25 per theme, which offers you great value in our opinion. The themes included are:

  • Diverse: The perfect magazine / news theme to handle a variety of rich media articles.
  • Practical: Get all DIY about promoting your business online with this beautiful theme.
  • Personalize: A minimalistic & sophisticated personal blogging theme that perfectly highlights and publishes your content.
  • Nimble: A stylish & arty tumblogging theme that works really well with our iPhone app, Express.
  • KnowledgeBase: A knowledgebase theme to automate FAQ’s & Q&A in a very sexy way.
  • Work & Play: A theme for freelancers / designers to showcase their work and do a bit of writing on the side.
  • Essence: A must-have theme for any creative agency that wants to show off their work online.
  • Focused: A single column blogging theme that publishes beautiful, full-width photography.
  • Roaming: Geolocation awesomeness comes to this city guide theme.
  • SnapBlog: A breathtaking, full width photoblogging theme that will be the envy of many photographers.

Get the woothemes wpbundle here.

Pretty awesome collection, right? :)

All 10 themes have been built on the awesome, functional & stable WooFramework, so it’s got our stamp of approval as well as all the goodies that you normally associate with our themes. So not only do the designs look pretty, but you can be assured of amazing code & functionality underneath the bonnet as well. In addition, support & theme documentation will be available via and again we’ll be making sure that everything is on par with the quality that you expect from us.

These 10 themes are also only available via WPBundle and the $250 package; i.e. it is impossible to purchase these themes separately. (more…)

WooThemes Review

Read this woothemes review before you buy woothemes wordpress themes.
More and more people use wordpress these days and then there are more and more awesome sites out there that sell Premium WordPress Themes, one of these wordpress theme sites is called WooThemes. WooThemes is currently run by Adii, Magnus, and Mark and they have developed and are currently selling over 60 Premium themes on their site.

A Review on

woothemes review

Woo Themes is well known for its huge selection of premium wordpress themes. This is awesome for someone like me who has developed hundreds of different niche websites. It’s boring to use the same WordPress theme for all of them, and that’s why I enjoy subscribing to Woo Themes’ Club Membership. It gives me access to the entire Woo Themes collection, plus two new WordPress themes a month. You can use woothemes coupon save.

All woothemes wordpress themes are widget ready and come with a backend options page, easy to follow code, PSD files, and Breadcrumbs. Each theme includes integrated ad space sections, integrated social media buttons, and threaded comments with Gravatars. All woothemes members have access to the support forum, and affordable authorized designers that can customize your themes for you.

Professional designs. Looking at any WooTheme you can not help but notice how amazingly designed these themes are. The themes are good and well designed and eye catching. Not are WooThemes visually stimulating, but they are designed to provide great user interaction and keep up to modern web design trends.

Ease to Customize. All woothemes Themes are fully customizable and all themes come without any restrictions. With some of the woothemes wordpress theme I have worked with I have found that customizing them has been really easy for most of us. WooThemes does a great job at keeping the CSS & PHP files nicely coded so they are easy to follow, you can understand it easily. Some WooThemes worpdress themes also provide theme admin panels (“options tab) that allow you to customize certain aspects of the theme within your WP control panel, without needing any web design/coding skills. No matter you even new to wordpress, you can use woothemes themes to build a professional website/blog!

Good support. Woothemes does a great job at providing necessary support. Every theme comes with documentation and they provide some videos exampling the options panel. But where they really excel is in the support forums. You can ask any questions in the support forum and there is already many ‘resolved issues” you can browse through as well and see if they help.

Price. WooThemes prices are very competitive. The single theme price is $70, and they offer 3-1 promotion: The Permanent 3-for-1: Buy any one of woothemes WP themes, and get two more FREE! They offer their packages at similar prices to those of their competitors and sometimes even cheaper. Currently the developer package starts at only $150 which is a really sweet deal.
Download woothemes here
Woothemes not only provide premium wordpress themes but also they provide free wordpress themes! You can download the free themes on their site, and if you want to get their premium wordpress themes, you can use woothemes coupon code to save. Also if you are interesting in studiopress, which also a leading premium wordpress theme company, you can use studiopress discount code to get 25% off on all their themes.

New 3 Column Free WordPress Theme

New Professional Simple Clean Free WordPress Theme
3 column clean wordpress theme

Demo / Download

We are looking for professional free wordpress themes and here is a new one which is designed by the leading premium wordpress theme company: Wootheme. The name of this new free 3 column wordpress theme is Skeptical.
Skeptical’s layout is very flexible in the sense that you can display “related posts” next to your latest posts on the home page, OR have a completely widgetized sidebar. Not only that, you can also add your Flickr stream to the footer region and showcase three noteworthy blog posts tagged with a specific tag that you declare in the theme options.
Alternative Styles
The theme includes 4 alternative color styles which you can preview in the demo, but also has styling options for background color/image and setting link color.
Custom Widgets
The theme has 4 widgetized areas in the footer, and one optional widgetized sidebar, and as always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, Embed, WooTabs, Search, Flickr, Twitter).
Custom Typography
Almost every text element can be changed in the options panel, and even has full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.
Alternative Sidebar
The standard sidebar pulls posts from the same category as the post. You can easily switch to use a widgetized sidebar in the options panel.
Custom Footer Area
The footer has an optional area for related posts and Flickr, and also 4 widgetized columns at the bottom.


  • 4 widgetized areas in the footer, and one optional widgetized sidebar, and as always comes with custom Woo Widgets (Ad Space, Blog Author, Embed, WooTabs, Search, Flickr, Twitter).
  • 4 alternative color styles
  • Custom Shortcodes NEW!
  • Custom Footer Area – The footer has an optional area for related posts and Flickr.
  • Custom Typography – Almost every text element can be changed in the options panel, and even has full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.
  • Woo Custom Navigation
  • Built-in SEO options
  • Alternative Sidebar – The standard sidebar pulls posts from the same category as the post. You can easily switch to use a widgetized sidebar in the options panel.
  • WooFramework 2

Here are more free wordpress themes for you to choose from, and all of these are wordpress 3.0 compatible.

clean wordpress theme