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Nod32 Update Username and Password March 2009

Most of the time, our computers are in danger when our pcs are connecting to the internet. In order to protect your important private information from stealing by hackers, you should need anti-virus software. The most common use anti-virus software are Kaspersky and nod32 .If you do not like kaspersky, you can try the Nod32, who is a great anti-virus software and firewall.Here are some nod32 user name and password for you all.
March 2009 nod32 active Username and Password

nod32 Username: EAV-11789214
nod32Password: 7aje6phbnn

nod 32 update Username:EAV-12391532
nod 32 update  Password:8pst5vmu8p

Free nod32

nod 32 Username:EAV-12330719
nod 32 Password:txmpcex2tk


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